Today, the world and the international community, are being misled into believing that this year, Rwanda will be holding free and fair Presidential elections. Its true that elections will be taking place in Rwanda, as a formality to legalise Paul Kagame as a democratic. However, you can’t have a free and fair election process under a dictatorship and expect to win.

Paul Kagame

What is even so pathetic, is the way elections are organised in Rwanda-the results are always predicted before the elections are even  held. No political dispensation can take place without the meddling of the dictatorship…there’s no right to say what one thinks, no full access to funding and media outlets by other candidates.


We are being told that Dictator Paul kagame will win 98% of the total votes. Now, how can someone predict the results before the campaigns even start?? Of course, in a phoney country such as Rwanda, everything is managed and controlled by the dictatorship,

Paul Kagame

Today, all civil servants and wage earners, are victims of an extortion racket-they’re being forced to pay 10% of their earnings to Paul Kagame’s elections fund, as Failure to do so, will automatically qualify one to be involved in subversive activities. Now, how does anyone expect to win in such an election.

The elections in Rwanda can only be free and fair if Criminal Paul kagame does not stand, as he’s term will have expired.

Paul Kagame

Next time I look at why Paul Kagame works for his interests and not those of Rwandans-did millions of Banyarwanda die  in vain, so that one creepy man could benefit??

Joram Jojo