It’s never easy to write about this subject, as grief and sadness takes hold of one. It would be unfair to claim that there’s no family in Rwanda that hasn’t lost a loved one at the hands of Paul Kagame. The Killing machine of Paul Kagame hasn’t spared all walks of Rwandans. Most families in Rwanda suffer from an infinite grief and trauma.

We should not forget that, Criminal Paul Kagame has mastered five things in his life; Murdering innocent people, Stealing, gossiping, self importance and boasting. It’s also important for Rwandans to understand that, Criminal Paul Kagame is not scared to be locked up, but frightened to lose what he has stolen from Rwandans, because criminals don’t fear prison.Paul Kagame Killing Machine

The belief in occultism and Satanism have also contributed to the endless murderers in Rwanda, because satanic worshipping demands a certain quota of human sacrifice. That’s why killings of innocent people in Rwanda will never end till Criminal Paul Kagame is taken out. It’s also very true, every new building built in Rwanda by Crystal venture, ten people have to be sacrificed on the foundation-building site before the building takes shape. That’s how evil the Paul kagame Cabal is.

Then come-in minerals….It’s also true, every kilo of Coltan and gold has to be blessed with ten slaughters of innocent people. Just imagine the amount of Coltan that leaves Rwanda, also means the lives of innocent people lost. Note that, Rwanda is among the top exporters of human organs. Just asking…does Rwanda grow human organs? If not, then some Rwandans are losing their organs either voluntarily or forcefully.Paul Kagame Killing Machine

Let people stop pretending that Rwanda isn’t being run by a satanic Criminal outfit. Just like in a bad relationship, the abuser will manipulate their victim into believing that everything is okay, and the abuse is for their own good. That’s exactly what we have in Rwanda. Paul Kagame Killing MachineThe Cabal has brainwashed their victims into believing that , its okay for them to lose their human rights and dignity.

Paul Kagame Killing MachineNext-time we visit the Killing chambers of the cabal in Kacyiru.

Joram Jojo