When an individual abuses the constitution to feed his hunger for power, then its the right of the populace to rise up and throw out that selfish leader.

As Criminal Paul Kagame continues to impose himself on Rwandans by manipulating their constitution from a two term to an infinite one, the dictatorship  and its lackeys, has been very busy shamelessly peddling lies that its the wish of Rwandans and the world should mind its own business. The world should understand that Rwandans are not that stupid not to yearn for change that would lead to a better leadership that is democratic, inclusive, progressive and  respects human rights and the rule of law. The notion that  the dictatorship of  Paul Kagame is what they wish, is a big lie and an insult to them.


The Rwanda Opposition Party (RNC) demonstrated Against the Removal of Term Limits, this demonstration took place in Pretoria on 3rd of September 2015, the same demonstrations happened in different countries all over the world to oppose Paul Kagame’s abuse of the constitution.

Changing the constitution to infinite term limits in order to favor the incumbent is inconsistent with democratic principles and reduces confidence in the leadership of Paul Kagame.