The last-time I heard of the existence of human rights in Rwanda, was when- they had become the property of Dictator Paul Kagame and his concubine, Louise Mushikiwabo. The most cherished and shared values of the human race, have become a thing of the past in Rwanda. Not even the renowned – human rights barristers, such as Cherie Blair,etc.  can refute that Rwanda, is a safe heaven of human rights abusers. It has now become a doctrine, for Dictator Paul Kagame and his inner circle to murder,lock-up, and humiliate Human rights activists.

Rwanda human Rights Abusers

The abuse of human rights and its defenders by criminal Paul Kagame and his inner circle, is well documented. However, Paul Kagame and a few white greedy men, have taken human rights, hostage.

Rwanda human Rights AbusersHow could the same people that claim they should have helped Rwanda during the genocide, and did nothing, But today, they’re shamelessly supporting  a well-known, global  human rights abuser in Rwanda? Here I’m talking of the likes of Clinton,Blair,Natanyahu,Buffet, etc, …Okay its fine with Rwandans, as they’re just Africans(as if you ever cared, in the first place!).

Rwanda human Rights Abusers

But a direct abuse on  your own Watchdog bodies-the Human rights watch,BBC,Amnesty International, UN Group of experts,etc. and their members of staff-your citizens..and you still pathetically continue to support and albeit their abuser, Criminal Paul Kagame!!

Rwanda human Rights Abusers

Yes, I can understand you’ve invested a lot in Rwanda; a small cricket ground- here, a brick and mortar to serve future Congolese mineral buyers-here and there, a coffee plantation with almost zero labour costs- here and there, etc. And of course, a safe heaven to recycle your laundered money-before it disappears to Mauritius and Seychelles.

Its very true,We all have different social ideologies, and  being a leftists, I do understand your love for money, and Its your right to love money.

But from my understanding, to have a viable investment, you need a safe and stable environment to operate your business from. However, this’s not the case with indigenous capitalists in Rwanda- such as the Rwigara family, Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa ,etc.. Yes, very hardworking people that have been employing thousands of Rwandans.. But today,their businesses have been maliciously destroyed and looted by your buddy, Paul Kagame. Now, what makes you think that your investment is safe in Rwanda….?  Okay, you might think that Paul Kagame will rule for life and he worships the white man.

You can also turn on your propaganda arms; The (FT)financial times, CNBC, Chatham house, Foreign Policy,etc. to whitewash crimes against humanity in Rwanda. But again, you have no clue of what 90% of Rwandans  know and think of you lot! Believe me, Not good! Those you meet and front, are part of a PR scum, that is known to everyone.

Rwanda human Rights Abusers

Let’s forget about ” Paul Kagame stopped the genocide” for a moment, and think of what was done by the killers……Okay it was very terrible! Now, how can you be there and act dumb…when people in Rwanda are boiling in their hearts, and you don’t expect them, to wake up and repeat the same evil act????  Its on record, your precious  Paul kagame saying that. “All the genocidaires were released and are now living among us with no problem“.

Its always  logical to stop anything, that could lead to a catastrophe. What led to the build-up of the  genocide, is present today, in Rwanda. In spite of reports, from your credible organisations-that are funded by your own regimes. You still heartlessly continue to turn a blind eye to human rights abuses in Rwanda??

Rwanda human Rights AbusersToday, human rights and anything that stands for it, has become a subject of abuse, both physically and psychologically.

The heartless-tyrannical leadership of Criminal Paul Kagame, continues to terrorise; the Rwandan Orphans,Widows,the poor, the refugee,the social & Civil rights activists, the neighbours, the diplomats, community leaders, etc.

Rwanda human Rights Abusers

There’s no tyrannical entity in History, that was never predictable towards it demise. What we see happening in Rwanda today, is exactly that. When a regime that was built on a genocide ideology, brutalises the orphans and widows of that ideology in broad-day light, and the brutality is witnessed by millions, both in Rwanda and around the world, Then, which sane person can claim that such a regime is heading for glory??

When a regime snatches away people’s human rights and the international community continues to pretend that everything is okay, because they are assured of some free VIP treatment in Rwanda. Then, it becomes necessary to go and look in the mirror, and see if the so called international community, is on your side.

human rights

The fact remains that, there’s no such thing- as the international community. But, an international criminal cartel that was set up to exploit and kill African people. Its the same criminal Cartel, that is masquerading around as the most civilised and advanced, while sleeping in bed with the most hardcore criminal of contemporary times. Thus, Paul Kagame is the Cover Boy of Imperialism criminality on the African continent.

Its high time, the international legal experts found ways, that can set up a precedent, for a sitting president that has committed crimes against humanity- before and in office. To lose that immunity and face justice. Yes, this can be done when the magnitude of crimes committed, are put into consideration. Let’s collectively begin rolling the ball!!

Ange Kagame

Next-time, I  look at Ange Kagame’s cold war, with the Kenyan Boys and Nigerian Boys….its high-time a devils’s advocate came between them.


Joram Jojo