The world should understand that Rwandans are not that stupid not to yearn for change that would lead to a better leadership that is democratic, inclusive, progressive and respects human rights and the rule of law. The notion that the dictatorship of Paul Kagame is what they wish, is a big lie and an insult to them.

Paul Kagame

When Paul Kagame is asked what he wants? He then realises that all along he doesn’t know what he wants and why he has never wanted what Paul kagame wants. But Paul Kagame might want what he wanted in the first place, if he indeed he never wanted it in the first place. Criminal Paul Kagame’s reasoning on the Manipulation of the constitution to impose himself on Rwandans.

Paul Kagame

Today Many Congolese and Rwandans might think that they’re indeed finished because Paul Kagame has been given a License to Kill. But not, as Killer Paul Kagame has never needed one- as he’s a killer by nature and a Coward by instinct.

Karenzi Karake

Karenzi Karake in custody

Fellow Compatriots, I do understand your pain and disappointment with the English legal system. The notion that we as a people, are supposed to just seat down and cry rivers of tears because the White man has cheated us of justice, should immediately stop. Because in the first place, the English legal system was built with the purpose to defend criminals.

Paul KagameWhen power is mixed with justice to protect a notorious killer like Karenzi Karake, is not accidental, but by design. Yes, it was good to send shock waves down-in Criminal Paul Kagame’s testicles, that next-time, they’ll be punctured like rotten tomatoes. We all saw how psychotic he became when one of his errand boys had been busted by people power-just imagine that people power visiting his little kingdom of Rwanda-can you imagine what would happen to that little Zombie??

The great thing with the British establishment hypocrisy towards an oppressed people,is that the people have always been victorious.

Just remember the way the British establishment used to worship the apartheid regime of South-Africa and despised African people. Today,Nelson Mandela’s Monument, is standing next to their power house, the houses of Parliament at Westminster. Not even the likes of Blair can achieve that.

Paul Kagame

However, we should not confuse the law with legal system as one is meant to protect, and the other to be manipulated by crooks such as Cherie Blair and their lackeys like criminal Paul Kagame. 

The Police was able to protect the public by arresting Murderer Karenzi Karake, but the legal aspect of it was interfered by Sleazy politicians.

However, with no doubt, the cause of exposing Criminal Kagame to the British Public as a notorious Killer, was achieved.

Paul Kagame

What is the way forward?

Unlike in the past, when it was problematic to explain to the public about Paul Kagame’s criminality, today its easier as more people every day are waking up and feeling dirty for having lived in a lie. 

The main reason why its taken that long to finish off Criminal Paul Kagame, has been due to poor politicisation. As no resistance has ever been won, without a successful politicisation program behind it.

We also need to look beyond street demonstrations in Diaspora, and build structures on the ground in Rwanda that can shield revolutionaries when called upon to puncture the oppressive system. Yes, the structures are being built in Rwanda, and soon you’ ll hear of a spectacular Puncture!

Fellow Compatriots,wherever your’re based, Please remember that your’re a commander in your own right and you don’t need permission from anyone to fight for your rights and those of Congolese and Rwandans. 

If today you’re serving in the military,are you going to die like that….and no one will ever remember you? Why not organise with like minded soldiers, and carry-out a heroic action that will put you in History books? 

PLEASE REMEMBER THIS CODE FUNGULA as in the coming months, you’ll hear it more in your Units.

Mutulie, Tunapanga!

Joram Jojo