The President of the legislative assembly of Africa (Eala), m. Daniel Kidega, visited the Rwandan president of the Senate, Mr. Bernard Makuza this Monday 8 August 2016.
Daniel Kidega
The two personalities have discussed on the recent decision by the government of Burundi to prohibit the free movement of persons and goods between Rwanda and Burundi.
The Investigation of the closure of the borders between Rwanda and Burundi
The President of the legislative assembly of Africa was deeply shocked by this decision and promises to conduct his own investigations. ” We have been informed of this decision to ban on movement of goods and people on the side of Burundi its neighbour to Rwanda. As An East African Parliament, we shall conduct our own investigations. We have empowered and specialized services in the matter. Our people must not be victims of whatever it is “, did he say before adding that if really disrupted the Rwandan border was closed in one way or another, sanctions will follow for the country incriminated.
Fast to the treaty of the East African Community
Bernard makuza
The President of the Senate,  Bernard makuza recognises that “this situation uncomfortables relations between kigali and Bujumbura and now has put into question the treaties of the EAC. for him, other bodies meeting should beable to seized and  solve the issue as quickly as possible.
This decision that took a lot of ink and saliva in Kigali (Rwanda) as in Arusha (Eala) has been formally published by Mr. Joseph Butore, Vice President of the republic of Burundi, when he came to participate in community work in cibitoke province in the North West Frontier, with the Rwandan district of rusizi.
Since then more border trade, the agencies of transport providing the service between the two countries have been closed.
Pierre Nkurikiye
Already, several vehicles of public transport had been stopped at the Rwandan border. A measure of security, according to Pierre Nkurikiye the spokesman of the police, because many criminals even crossed the border. But also to prevent any food production has been moving towards Kigali.
Taken by the government of Burundi to “protect the people”, this measure marks a new stage in the deterioration of relations with Kigali.