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    Paul Kagame

    Paul Kagame

    Rwanda is thousands of years old. Kings have ruled and left. Presidents have faked democracy and undemocratic ally left. Rwanda has remained. Rwanda will remain. Unlike us Rwandans, Rwanda is everlasting. Our ancestors lived in Rwanda and died. Like you and me, Kagame will die one day. Rwanda will never die.

    Written By: Eng Emmanuel Ngarambe


    Rwanda will always be there for our descendants to call home. This is how important Rwanda is.

    Unfortunately, today’s Rwanda seems to have been overshadowed by President Kagame. He has been made to believe that he is more unmovable than our lovely Rwanda. Kagame has been given so much power that nothing in his vicinity is nearly as powerful. Not even laws. In fact, he seems to believe that Rwanda would be non-existent without him. Astonishingly, a good number of Rwandans have been too terrorised and/or indoctrinated to question such a brainless propaganda. They find it safer and/or materially rewarding to toe the government line. Some are ready to play the devil’s advocate in defence of Kagame and his clique’s use of brute violence against their critics. The seemingly ill-informed fanatics exhibit extreme levels of confusion about Kagame’s identity. To them Kagame is synonymous with Rwanda. This kind of madness is rare!

    To assert his unquestionable power, Kagame has always been able to create a slave-like but ever-changing clique to satisfy his ego. Through this clique, he has assumed the Almighty God’s responsibility to determine how long Rwandans can live and how much they can say or write to retain their right to life. They kill for fun and they are happy to show it. After the brutal assassination of Rwanda’s former spy chief Col. Patrick Karegeya in South Africa, where he had sought refuge, President Kagame and his ministers came out beating their chests, arrogantly warning anyone opposed to their government of similar consequences. On the 5th June 2014, while addressing Rwandans whose relatives, friends and neighbours had been disappearing without due process of law, President Kagame said, “Those who talk about disappearances… we will continue to arrest more suspects and if possible shoot in broad daylight those who intend to destabilise our country”. That is how destructive Kagame’s power has become!

    The justification of these extrajudicial disappearances, incarcerations and killings is as ridiculous as Kagame’s decision to detach himself from reality. According to Kagame and his clique, having a differing opinion makes you an enemy of the state. Criticising Kagame is regarded as criticising Rwanda. To prove that you love Rwanda, you must praise Kagame even if your heart is unwilling. Those with submissive genes have flourished in this kind of environment. You simply need to part with your intellect to temporarily gain access to Kagame and his clique’s inner circle of trusted puppets. Pierre Damien Habumuremyi is a good example of the aforementioned temporarily in Kagame’s Rwanda. The former Prime Minister served his master to the best of his subservient capacity. He was too complacent to question the extrajudicial disappearances and assassinations of Rwandans from his constituency. He went as far as echoing Kagame’s celebration of his unconstitutional assassinations. In January 2014, in reference to Karegeya’s death, Habumuremyi twitted “Betraying citizens and their country that made you a man shall always bear consequences to you”. Now that he has been “thrown up” by the unpredictable regime, he must be having loads of regrets. He had been duped into believing that he was eternally special.

    Kagame as a brand is not entirely a product of himself. He has the following institutions and individuals to thank and recognise for his military and political career: The National Resistance Army (NRA), Rwandan Patriotic Army (RPA), Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) and President Yoweri Museveni who imposed him on Rwandans after the death of Major General Fred Gisa Rwigema. Unfortunately, Kagame seems to have forgotten his roots. For many years now, he has been preoccupied with promoting his image rather than building an institutionalised state. Most of those who played key roles in his rise to power have been either eliminated or sidelined. A systematic operation appears to be underway to weed out the remnants of the above-mentioned history. I find it strange that Kagame has been able to uninterruptedly position himself as a supernatural public figure.

    I appreciate the heroic sacrifices made by some former members of the RPF/RPA establishment who resisted the temptation to promote their selfish interests in favour of creating a more inclusive and tolerant Rwanda. Col. Patrick Karegeya is an excellent example of those who have offered their lives in pursuit of a better Rwanda. Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa refused to part with his intellect while many of his colleagues reluctantly put on cold-hearted masks and persecuted innocent critics to impress their boss. Kagame, whose life he reportedly saved during the RPA liberation struggle has targeted him for assassination multiple times. In his court ruling, South African Magistrate Stanley Mkhari confirmed that the 2010 plot to assassinate the former Rwandan army chief was politically motivated.

    Following Col. Karegeya’s murder and the third assassination attempt on Gen. Kayumba’s life, the relationship between Rwanda and South Africa has turned sour. Last year, President Kikwete of Tanzania advised his Congolese, Ugandan and Rwandan counterparts to negotiate with their armed rebels for the sake of regional peace. Whereas Kabila and Museveni understood that Kikwete’s advice was given in good faith, Kagame’s reaction was shocking. He and his government created a drama scene and labelled Kikwete “FDLR sympathiser”. Sustained undiplomatic and childish verbal attacks were publicly hurled at the friendly Tanzanian advisor! It is weird that President Kagame refuses to negotiate with Rwandan rebels but advises other heads of state to negotiate with their rebels. Before the defeat of the M23 rebels, Kagame had successfully convinced Kabila to negotiate with the Rwanda-backed rebel group. This shows that he perceives himself as a supernatural being who expects others to do as he says not as he does!

    The Rwandan government’s patronising foreign policy has backfired. Our Congolese neighbours are clearly fed up with Kagame’s military aggression through proxy forces. Bujumbura and Kigali are not in good terms. Kampala seems to be playing cat and mouse games with Kigali. The former appears to be controlling the game, which Nairobi has joined for economic reasons. South Africa, Tanzania and DR Congo joined the UN peacekeeping force in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to defeat Kagame’s proxy M23 rebel group. The UN force has now turned its focus on the disarmament of the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR). However, Kigali is suspicious that the countries that the Rwandan government has turned into enemies might be trying to create a tricky situation that would force Kigali to the negotiating table with FDLR.

    President Kagame’s typical arrogant belief that he can always get away with anything seems to have been profoundly shaken by a combination of the increasingly intensified international coverage of his human rights atrocities, the resounding defeat of his proxy M23 rebel group and his “self-created” hostile neighbourhood. Additionally, Rwandans are tired of living under fear and suffocation. There is increased dissent within and outside Rwanda. More Rwandans are willing to risk their lives and speak aloud against the rampant state-sponsored extrajudicial assassinations, disappearances and arrests. Kagame and his clique are not comfortable with the fact that Rwandans are increasingly getting as hard to pocket as holding melting snow under scorching sunshine.

    The pillars of the dictatorship seem to have loosened. The regime is nearly crumbling. The recent arrests of prominent and sensitively connected senior RDF and RPF members depict a serious crack in Kagame’s inner circle. One specific arrest that raised many Rwandans’ eyebrows was that of former presidential guard chief, Col. Tom Byabagamba, who was believed to be very loyal to president Kagame. Like many other military and civilian victims, Tom is accused of plotting to overthrow the government. This charge is most likely concocted. When pro-government musicians such as Kizito Mihigo are arrested and accused of planning to topple the government, you know paranoia is at its peak. Those who fall out with Kagame and his establishment are dubbed enemies of the state. Local courts of law are unwillingly ready to echo the nasty propaganda to avoid falling into the death trap. Kagame’s photography is intentionally made visible in nearly all public places including courtrooms where his perceived enemies will have to carry the double burden of listening to made-up charges and watching the photo of the key source of their pain.

    What lesson can Rwandans learn from these developments? Well, it is obvious that no one is safe. In the blink of an eye, your status could change from oppressor to victim; from neutral to victim; or from an innocent critic to rebel. Some Rwandan intelligence operatives are ready to prove their loyalty to Kagame and his clique at all costs. They can do anything to win their superior’s trust, promotion and more money to spend. In fact, one of the most common tactics they use is to make up enemies and strive to present the innocent target as a serious threat to the government of Rwanda. You simply fall into the devil’s trap without knowing. Therefore, in such an unpredictable socio-political environment being cheerful or unconcerned about the state-orchestrated terror is not only naïve but also self-deceiving.

    Four years ago, while in the United Kingdom for my first master’s degree something horrible happened to me. I narrowly escaped death after someone believed to be working for the government of Rwanda deliberately poisoned my drink. The heartless agent was able to gain easy access to my drink because I was unsuspecting. It never crossed my mind that my genuine and constructive political views would be seen as posing a security threat to the government of Rwanda. I behaved normally, completely unaware that I had been falsely associated with Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa and the Late Col. Patrick Karegeya. I went through untold trauma as I desperately fought for my life. Fortunately, I miraculously survived. This experience further opened my eyes and strengthened my drive to advocate for political change and social justice in Rwanda.

    In conclusion, I would like to reiterate the fact that Kagame and Rwanda are two very different entities. Whereas all Rwandans love Rwanda, no Rwandan in his or her right senses would claim to be loved by all Rwandans. Using the right definition would not only do justice to our beloved Rwanda but also relieve the president of a great deal of pressure to behave like Superman. As paranoia increasingly overpowers President Kagame, more innocent Rwandans from all walks of life will be exposed to all sorts of torture. In such an unpredictable environment, being indifferent is as wrong as siding with evil. It is irresponsible to hide your face and defencelessly wait for your turn to cry alone. Therefore, let us join hands in pursuit of a more conducive socio-political environment.

    Criminal Paul Kagame

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    Paul Kagame

    Paul Kagame Has persecuted and silenced women who dared stand up to him

    Paul Kagame

    Paul Kagame is the real genocidal maniac of Rwanda, the killer of many millions. That’s why the U.S., Britain and Israel love him.
    “Kagame persecuted and silenced the only two women who dared stand up to him, and he didn’t stop a genocide; he started one.”

    How much longer can Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Benjamin Netanyahu, AIPAC , and associated Zionist organizations cover for Rwandan President Paul Kagame? How much longer can they claim that he was Rwanda’s savior, that he stopped a genocide recalling the Holocaust, then helped Rwanda rise from the ashes?

    This week another woman who dared to challenge him for the presidency says he has taken vengeance on her and her family. In 2010, Kagame imprisoned Victoire Ingabire, who is now serving the seventh of a fifteen-year prison sentence, and now he has arrested Diane Rwigara, who attempted to stand against him this year. Like Ingabire in 2010, Rwigara was told that her name could not appear on the ballot because her nomination papers were insufficient. Kagame’s election bureaucracy is a Kafkaesque maze for anyone who might pose a real threat to his reign of terror.

    Rwandan police arrested Ingabire, then put her under house arrest, shortly after her return to Rwanda in January 2010. They arrested and imprisoned her shortly after Kagame claimed re-election with an implausible 93% of the vote in August that year. They arrested Rwigara shortly after Kagame claimed an even more implausible 99% on August 4th. As of September 5, there were many conflicting reports and no definitive account of the timeline of events before, during, and after the arrest. Aljazeera was reporting that Rwigara had been arrested, charged, and then returned to her home. Rwigara’s assistant said that she had taken over her Twitter feed and that Rwigara is now under house arrest, though not yet formally.

    “Kagame’s election bureaucracy is a Kafkaesque maze for anyone who might pose a real threat to his reign of terror.”

    Earlier this year, Rwigara had told the BBC that she was expecting reprisal: “Taking a stand or criticizing the Rwandan government is not an easy task. They do all in their power to try to discourage you and silence you. Our family businesses have been closed down. Our bank accounts have been seized. There is still a very high price for me to pay, and trust me, they have said that, after the elections, anybody who has spoken out, including my supporters, that: ‘We’ll deal with them.’”

    In a press conference earlier this year, Rwigara described Rwanda much as Ingabire did, as a nation of extreme poverty and fear hidden behind its modern capital city, Kigali, with its hotels, its convention center, and its tourist industry, which not only makes a lot of money but also propagandizes visitors about Rwanda’s miraculous recovery from genocide. The ruling party, she said, is more eager to impress white people than its own citizens:

    “While all these problems are going on, mainly high unemployment and poverty, our government is spending money building luxury hotels. The convention center cost over $300 million dollars—the most expensive building in Africa. Why are we spending the most when we are among the poorest? Most Rwandans do not have the basic necessities like water and electricity, so our taxes should be invested in the people first. Rwanda has given priority to impressing white people instead of impressing our own people. Our country’s image, though important, should not take precedence over the well-being of Rwandans.”

    “They have said that, after the elections, anybody who has spoken out: ‘We’ll deal with them.’”

    Rwigara is a Rwandan Tutsi whose wealthy father supported the 1990 invasion of Rwanda from Uganda that ended in the 1994 massacres and General Paul Kagame’s seizure of power. She became an outspoken critic of the government after her father died in an automobile accident that she and her family blame on Rwandan authorities. She did not, like Victoire Ingabire, challenge the received history of the genocide, and she even went so far as to say that free speech should not be a cover for revising its history:

    “The freedom of expression I’m talking about is not the freedom that denies or revises the genocide, the 1994 genocide. People should not hide under the umbrella of free speech for divisive statements. The freedom of expression I’m talking about is being able to have the debates without fear of reprisals. Almost all topics in Rwanda are taboo.”

    Rwigara has not spoken out against Rwanda’s catastrophic aggression in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as Ingabire did, either. Kagame was nevertheless unwilling to tolerate her criticism of Rwanda as it is now. Rwandan police arrested her and members of her family for, they say, tax evasion and forging signatures on her nomination papers.

    Kagame did not empower women or stop a genocide

    Nearly 60% of Rwanda’s Members of Parliament are women, and Kagame is commonly praised for empowering women, but that’s no more plausible than his 99% electoral victory or his claim to have stopped a genocide. He persecuted and silenced the only two women who dared stand up to him, and he didn’t stop a genocide; he started one. He murdered the Rwandan and Burundian presidents, massacred his way to power in Rwanda, then invaded the Democratic Republic of the Congo, slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Hutu refugees, and chased hundreds of thousands more through the jungle from Congo’s east to west. With his partner in crime Yoweri Museveni, he invaded, occupied, and plundered the resource wealth of the Congo, leaving millions of Congolese dead and displaced.

    Congolese officials and military officers who are in fact Rwandan continue a stealth occupation today. Even the infamous warlord Bosco Ntaganda, who is now on trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC), is a Rwandan pretending to be Congolese. The ICC, a tool of Western imperialism, agrees to this pretense because their brief is to prosecute Ntaganda for crimes committed within the borders of Congo, not for Rwanda’s crime against peace, the first and gravest international crime established by the Nuremberg Principles :

    (a) Crimes against peace:

    (i) Planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances;

    (ii) Participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the acts mentioned under (I).

    The US and UK covertly supported Rwanda’s invasions of Congo, then helped Kagame justify decades of ongoing aggression in the name of hunting Hutu perpetrators of genocide. The ICC helps them create illusions of international justice for Congolese without acknowledging the Rwandan war of aggression that they supported.

    What will happen to Diane Rwigara and Victoire Ingabire?

    It seems likely that Diane Rwigara will be tried in a kangaroo court on trumped up charges and sent to prison, once again like Ingabire. If so, and if she appeals to the Supreme Court, she will lose, as Ingabire did. Some things in Rwanda are as predictable as presidential elections.

    There is one glimmer of hope: Victoire Ingabire’s appeal of her conviction in Rwanda to the African Court of Human and People’s Rights in Arusha, Tanzania. Rwanda attempted to withdraw from the court’s jurisdiction after it agreed to hear her appeal, but the rules of the court and international law do not allow a member nation to withdraw after it has been named as party to a case that the court has agreed to hear. Rwanda refused to appear at the March 2017 hearing, alleging bias, but the court proceeded to weigh the evidence and it could rule this month. Ingabire’s conviction is such a blatant case of political persecution that it will test the African court’s independence.

    No matter how the court decides, however, it has no enforcement apparatus. If it overturns Ingabire’s conviction, she will win no more than a moral victory because the rule of international law is an unrealized ideal. Only international pressure to accept the court’s judgement could lead to her release, and no matter how bad Kagame’s press gets, he is always shielded from consequence by his powerful Western friends—Clinton, Blair, Netanyahu, AIPAC, etc. Kagame’s state press advocated for Hillary Clinton’s election and made it clear that he was deeply disappointed by her defeat. The Clintons, and Bill Clinton’s weepy lies about having failed to stop the genocide, have served him for two decades.

    “Kagame is always shielded from consequence by his powerful Western friends—Clinton, Blair, Netanyahu, AIPAC, etc.”

    Rwanda depends on foreign aid for 40 percent of its budget. The US is its top bilateral donor, the UK its second, but the flailing Trump Administration hasn’t turned any attention to Rwanda. It hasn’t even managed to hire a new Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs.

    In the UK, the Tories have supported Kagame, as Tony Blair and his government did, despite all the evidence of Kagame’s crimes. After Rwanda’s M23 militia ravaged the Kivu Provinces in 2012-13, Britain sharply increased its aid to Rwanda from £59 million in 2012-13, to £84 million in 2013-14. In 2014-15, British aid to Rwanda was £70 million, and a year later, £66 million.

    Britain was the only major country to congratulate Kagame on his ridiculous 99% win in the August presidential elections. If, however, Jeremy Corbyn becomes the UK’s next prime minister, it could be a new dawn for the UK’s relations with Rwanda and its totalitarian ruler. Corbyn is an opponent of unilateral military intervention of any sort, and a staunch advocate of international law.

    Ann Garrison is an independent journalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2014, she received the Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza Democracy and Peace Prize for her reporting on conflict in the African Great Lakes region. She can be reached at .

    Criminal Paul Kagame

    Paul Kagame

    Rujugiro Ayabatwa's UTC bought at RWF 6.7 billion ($8.1 M)

    Today’s auction saw Rujugiro Ayabatwa’s UTC bought at RWF 6.7 billion ($8.1 M) by Kigali Investment Company LTD (KIC).

    KIC is an investment group made of two people, Paul Karangwa Gashabana and James Rudasingwa.

    The reality being, Paul Karangwa Gashabana and James Rudasingwa are simply managers of Gen James Kabarebe assets.

    One of the other assets of Kabarebe they manage is Kigali City Market Complex (KCMC).

    To highlight the sham behind auctioning UTC. Rujugiro valued UTC at $20 M. KIC’s KCMC is valued by Kigali City Council at $25 M. Yet, in reality, KCMC is of so much less value compared to UTC.

    KCMC is a 350-tenant complex constructed at the site that used to be home to the former Nyarugenge Market.

    Kabarebe acquired this land without paying a single penny to Kigali City authority, after forcibly evicting retailers.

    After completion of KCMC’s construction, activities started without receiving an authorization from Kigali City Council (KCC).

    KCC closed KCMC on allegations of lacking CCTV cameras and walkthrough detectors.

    However, due to Kabarebe’s dictation, activities at the complex resumed in 3 days without meeting KCC’s requirements.

    To jump back to Kabarebe-Rujugiro rift, recently Kabarebe was eavesdropped saying that Rujugiro’s wealth would collapse because he (Rujugiro) acquired his wealth by selling, to South African Apartheid, hearts of Burundian Hutus killed in 1965-1973. During that conversation, Kabarebe also claimed that it was why South African doctors were the first to successfully complete a heart transplantation.

    Criminal Paul Kagame

    Paul Kagame




    Dear oppressed and enslaved Rwandans, on the 28th August 2018, I posted on how assassin Pascal Kanyandekwe was under house arrest. On 14 September 2018, I posted on how this assassin was transferred at Nyarugenge prison on the 7 September 2018.

    As the 1st Secretary at Rwandan embassy in South Africa, Pascal Kanyandekwe’s name was synonymous with intimidation and assassinations until the South African government expelled him from their soil in 2015 after cancelling his diplomatic immunity. The South African authority had intercepted information which pointed Pascal Kanyandekwe as the kingpin in all assassination attempts against Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa and played a pivotal role in the assassination of Col Patrick Karegeya.

    According to my credible source within state house – Village Urugwiro, once Pascal Kanyandekwe was in Rwanda, on top of a house gift, the junta government had to give him what to do as a token of thank you for his intelligence coordination performance while working at the Rwandan embassy in South Africa.

    This source notes, Pascal Kanyandekwe arrived in Rwanda at the time criminal Paul Kagame was creating a business company for his son – Ivan Cyomoro Kagame. This source questioned my previous post where I noted that the company which Pascal Kanyandekwe managed was owned by Gen James Kabarebe. To this source, the company by the names of VVIP car rental is 100% owned by Ivan Cyomoro and Pascal Kanyandekwe was appointed as a CEO to run this business owned by Rwanda’s first son (prince Ivan Cyomoro as enslaved Rwandans refer him).

    Those who don’t know VVIP car rental, the company which we have now established that it’s 100% owned by Ivan Cyomoro Kagame, has the transport monopoly for all sorts of conferences in Rwanda. The company is contracted by government to provide executive vehicles for visiting dignitaries and any other foreign visitor that comes to Rwanda for working assignment(s) with the junta regime. The company owns various top of the range executive cars, including executive mini vans and buses.

    According to this source, while looking for someone to manage this company owned by Ivan Cyomoro Kagame. Gen Dan Munyuza suggested to criminal Paul Kagame to appoint Pascal Kanyandekwe as it’s CEO. The source notes that, “it’s Gen Dan Munyuza who introduced properly Pascal Kanyandekwe to president Paul Kagame.” From it’s initial start, DMI agent Pascal Kanyandekwe managed this business until caught in a dubious deal.

    Last year, criminal Paul Kagame told oppressed and enslaved Rwandans that his aiming to make Kigali the hub of conferences. With this endeavour, criminal Paul Kagame and his family are the sole beneficiaries, because they own the transport, hotels and catering services which are critical in this business master-plan. For any conference that is organised in Rwanda, criminal Paul Kagame the businessman goes to the banks laughing.

    The Dubious deals of Pascal Kanyandekwe and his mentor Gen Dan Munyuza.

    All Rwandans know that Crystal ventures, a business consortium which monopolise Rwanda’s business economy is 100% owned by Criminal Paul Kagame. Early July 2018, Crystal Ventures’ various construction companies gave a business tender to first son Ivan Cyomoro Kagame through his company VVIP to supply bitumen. For those who don’t know bitumen, these are materials used for road surfacing and roofing. These are black viscous mixture of hydrocarbons obtained naturally or as a residue from petroleum distillation.

    However, Crystal Ventures gave VVIP company several contacts of suppliers based in Dubai. Pascal Kanyandekwe after seeing the size of the deal thought he could make side profits (njahulo) out of this deal without his boss – Ivan Cyomoro Kagame who lives in USA or his father – criminal Paul Kagame knowing.

    In mid July, Pascal Kanyandekwe travelled to Dubai for business feasibility and comparing prices between bitumen suppliers in Dubai. While in Dubai, he received a better offer of 20% less than what was expected within the markets in Dubai and other gulf countries. The deal was with an Iranian representative based in Dubai.

    After negotiations, the greedy assassin, returned back to Rwanda to make financial transactions to the supplier. Pascal Kanyandekwe instructed Bank of Kigali to make the financial transactions. Of recently, BNR (Bank Of Rwanda) monitors any large financial transactions from financial institutions in Rwanda to Iran. In this case, the National Bank called to inform BK that they are not allowed to make such a transaction especially to an Iranian company based in Iran, reminding BK of the USA sanctions and implications with those who trade with Iran based companies.

    BNR summoned senior BK officials for clarification, these BK officials told BNR regulators that the money has to be approved for transaction because the client is a VIP ( VVIP company/Ivan Cyomoro Kagame). The panicking senior BNR officials forwarded the file to criminal Paul Kagame for his personal approval.

    A shocked Paul Kagame wouldn’t believe to find out that a person who runs the company of his son had made business deals with companies based in Iran without considering the implications of US sanctions if caught. And the main purpose of business dealings was to defraud his son – Ivan Cyomoro Kagame.

    A worried Paul Kagame, instructed the chief of DMI, col Andrew Nyamvumba and the head of Rwanda Investigation Bureau, Col. Ruhunga Jeannot to carry out deep investigation on the business operations of VVIP car rental.

    After thorough investigation and checking through the books of the company, these two Kagamist blue eyed boys returned with a damning report pinning Pascal Kanyandekwe for financial impropriety and swindling profit margins of the company.

    During this investigation, they also discovered that one of Rwanda’s top intelligence enforcer – Gen Dan Munyuza was also making enormous cash through VVIP car rental. Pascal Kanyandekwe had made a secret business deal with his mentor, Gen Dan Munyuza.

    Due to enormous number of clientele and monopoly in the rental business through government initiatives; than ordering the purchase of extra executive cars, Pascal Kanyandekwe decided to tell his mentor Gen Dan Munyuza about a window to make cash out of the first son’s company. Dan Munyuza through his relatives, bought several executive cars which were included in VVIP car rental.

    When criminal Paul Kagame was informed of this finding, that one of his notorious chief security enforcer was silently making profits out of a company established for his son. He totally went berserk with an anger.

    Without forgetting, this has been the second time that Gen Dan Munyuza has been caught by his boss while making business dealings behind his back and dealing with people that are close to his boss – criminal Paul Kagame. As the head of criminal Paul Kagame’s external intelligence, Gen Dan Munyuza was suspended from the army in January 2012, for being involved in shady business dealings in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC),

    According to the source, after being slapped, kicked and spat at by his boss – criminal Paul Kagame, Gen Dan Munyuza was put under house arrest on 31 August 2018 for a weekend. The source goes further to say that, “Dan Munyuza is still breathing because president Paul Kagame still needs him, especially now that his under enormous pressure with various threats. Kagame also needs Dan to continue managing intelligence networks that Dan has personally built over the years.” The source continued to note that, “President Kagame is a master of timing, once Dan’s usefulness is no longer needed, he won’t know what hit him. He is a graveyard candidate.”

    For Pascal Kanyandekwe, criminal Paul Kagame ordered his security chiefs to throw him at Nyarugenge prison for indefinite lock up.

    Criminal Paul Kagame

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