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    Paul Kagame


    1.Tom Ndahiro runs the following accounts:

    a) Peter Mahirwe
    b) Ellen Kampire

    Each of these accounts are defined by immeasurable amount of tribalism. The only thing worse than what is posted by the above accounts is that such talk caused millions of Rwandans to die since 1990.

    Tom Ndahiro is an extremist Tutsi tribalist and a genocide pseudo intellectual who has no idea, genocide has roots in the European Population explosion and entire races were completely exterminated in North America and Australia, where a few survivors live in parks.

    He is unaware that imperialism is the most contemporaneous generator of genocides beginning with Red Indians in the USA.

    He won’t comprehend that Imperialism has no relation with either Hutu or Tutsi in the region, just like it didn’t have any relation with the Cherokee, the Apache, the Iroquois the Sioux, the Mohicans or Cheyenne. These groups were from time to time allied with Europeans to defeat another tribe and the European never disappointed. Today, all these proud tribes are no more.

    Tom Ndahiro still preaches Hutu Vs Tutsi and is oblivious that “the eagle above” sees only the black race. His pseudo intellectualism found a niche in weaponizing genocide and dehumanizing RPF opposition.

    He gives lectures on genocide from stuff he has concocted or cherry picked from here and there to fit his narrow minded world view.

    He is unaware that the entire evolution theory was a scam biological research funded by imperial genocideirs in Europe in their preparation to exterminate black Africa. Then WWI and II happened.
    The Soviet Union and China emerged and we survived
    ” The hand of God”.

    However, there is no worse generator of evil in the region than Tom Ndahiro’s counterfeited and under researched material. He is comfortable in going below humanness & into loathsome description, not of genocide or it’s causes but to maintain a polarised Rwanda society of perpetrator vs victim. He criminalises a people and demumizes individuals of all tribes as long as they hold views opposed to Paul Kagame’s “Table d’honneur” doctrine.

    2. Amiable Bayingana runs a similarly viciously sectarian account in the names: Fox Rutinywa
    Amiable Bayingana was recently caught, hands in a cookie jar stealing money of the Rwanda Cycling Federation that he use to head. He was forced to resign and is currently being investigated by Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB), another terror organisation.

    4. Mark Martin Karuhanga: He uses Maxon Lukyamuzi to troll social media. He was a Ugandan, went to Rwanda to get a degree at Butare University and stayed. In his capacity as Ugandan with Ugandan interests, he wrote an open & long letter, in Rwanda defending Rwanda, to President Museveni demeaningly lecturing him about Uganda’s foreign policy. It’s also true that he is one of the most cretinous minds one will come across. Someone who can’t decide where his home is, has a very serious problem.

    5. Solange Kanimba: She runs two accounts

    a) Nelly Namole
    b) Solange Uwamahoro SoSo

    Solange runs a small church in Johannesburg where she is a priestess and some businesses in Polokwane South Africa. She is an very influential DMI contact in South Africa.
    Under that cover, she runs DMI activities where she has influence in South Africa. She played an important role in inciting South Africans into Xenophobic attacks recently. The South African government is fully aware that Rwanda through DMI was responsible for the Xenophobic attacks in South Africa recently. Sources in the South African Intelligence described her in the following terms: “Pure Evil”.

    Immediately following the attacks, Rwanda called for the suspension of South Africa from the African Union, a response that was frowned at by the rest of Africa.

    She played a big role in instigating the Xenophobic attacks that happened in Johannesburg last year.
    It was a large operation engineered by DMI
    Word is, she is currently going through a divorce following a disagreement with her South African husband with whom she refused to have a child. No one knows the father of her three children, although again word from the South African Intelligence, is that she is close to one powerful Rwandan intelligence chief ( name withheld).
    She is also opening another branch of her church in Namibia, rather DMI is expanding it’s tentacles into Namibia.

    6. Alice Akana runs a troll account called “Ange Umurungi”.
    She has recently returned from exile where she was critical of Kagame. In Rwanda, she maintained the account but the tune has changed to being a praise singer. Alice Akana is daughter to Col Aloys Nsekalije, one of the senior army officers who seized power in 1973, led by Habyarimana. The so called “Camarade” group

    7. Paul Gahigi his own name

    8. Catherine Munyago her own name.

    8. “Sonia Serwadda” is an account run by Yolande Makolo President Paul Kagame’s Advisor, where she has worked for many years. She has cemented her place in the international community for her lack of sense of values when it comes to decorum and civilised interaction with the rest of the world outside of Rwanda. She has verbally attacked media personalities and members of the US congress and has had an attempted at nullification of world order except one Paul Kagame has decreed. This happened, when the world was trying to get to terms with the assassination of Col Patrick Karegeya in Johannesburg.

    9. Elodie Shami who works in the Rwandan Embassy in the U.S. runs:
    the account “Nancy Umurungi”
    Elodie Shami runs the clandestine desk of in the Rwandan Embassy in the U.S. She is therefore a high profile DMI operator. To operate at that high level one must be radicalised. She run the operation that nearly killed Major Michel Mupende in Annapolis Maryland.
    Elodie Shami employed Jacques niyibizi to coordinate the activity of assassinating Major Michel Mupende. The operation failed by the grace of God because Major Michel Mupende was indeed hit by a heavy truck that had to climb over a pavement and grass island to find Michel Mupende’s car on the other unidirectional four lane road.
    Major Michel Mupende was still followed up in a restaurant by a gang led by Jacques Niyibizi who threatened Mupende with violence. It is said that James Kabarebe was the man who was coordinating these criminal activities from Kigali with orders from Afande PC

    10. Olivier Nduhungirehe runs the following accounts:
    a) Ma shen,
    b) Josiane Kamikazi
    c) Loic nkotanyi,
    d) Mary Mugisha

    Olivier’s reputation as an individual with elementary human relations precedes him. We don’t need to add much. But it’s interesting to have a Minister running not one, not two but four troll accounts.

    Criminal Paul Kagame

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