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Dear Compatriots, we live the Calvary since 1961 and we are the victims of the wealth of the basement of our country. Weak minds believe in conflict hutu-Tutsi. This conflict is a fabrication of the Belgium, in order to exploit the minerals of Burundi.
Belgium had resources to establish mining cards in all its colonies, but with the complicity of France and all those who finance the teaching in Burundi, they mentioned in all the textbooks that burundi is a small country poor, landlocked, Living of agriculture and with a basement very poor in minerals.
This lie has been conveyed by the disciples of the belgians and others were doing it by ignorance. Now we know that burundi is full of large quantities of nickel, RARE EARTHS, uranium, oil,…
The assassination of Prince Louis Rwagasore and Pierre Ngendandumwe have not allowed the belgians to exploit the minerals of Burundi, which is why, they have decided to overthrow the monarchy.
You don’t ask why these belgians have offered to the president of burundi a plane baptized musongati, but you know that musongati is located in rutana, region very rich in nickel.
These thieves of natural resources operate better in unstable countries, that is why the regime micombero infiltrated by the disciples of Belgium has been the most violent as possible. The violence of 1972 prepared the plundering of the natural resources of the country. After using the regime micombero in the violence, they wanted to replace it with another who would facilitate the signing of contracts mafioso.
Those who know the true history of Burundi, which unfortunately has not been well-written, are aware that is Jean Baptiste Bagaza was not the favorite of Belgium. He has resisted the recolonization of Belgium.
The Powers of this world, to the head the France-Belgium have prevented is jean baptiste bagaza exploit the minerals of burundi in order to develop ourselves; they have declared that the minerals of burundi are set-aside, because is Jean Baptiste Bagaza had refused Signing contracts with them. It has been sabotaged and by after has been replaced by the product-Belgian.
Is Pierre Buyoya knows very well that he sold to the Belgian all ores of Burundi, by a decree-law no 1/30 of 31 August 1992 The Republic of burundi has establishing a “regime of free zone” and by A Ministerial order no 750/415 of 28 September 1992 and the granting of the certificate of honest company no. 001/93 issued on 3 February 1993. You do not know that the company affimet consisting of six Belgian shareholders And a shareholder of rwandan nationality? 999 shares / 1000 were belgians.
Some people believe that getting melchior ndadaye was killed by the tutsi, but it’s fake. Dated 17/08/1993, the council of ministers that he presided over took the decision to suspend the certificate of the affimet. He was killed in less than two months. On 1 September 1995 Affimet asked the diplomatic support of the Belgian Government. These steps, as well as several other of the same order, residing without result. Search Then this happened with the return to Pierre Buyoya.
The Folder Nickel Musongati date of a very long time. Let us be vigilant, the mandate is a pretext.

Criminal Paul Kagame