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Dear oppressed and enslaved Rwandans, on the 28th August 2018, I posted on how assassin Pascal Kanyandekwe was under house arrest. On 14 September 2018, I posted on how this assassin was transferred at Nyarugenge prison on the 7 September 2018.

As the 1st Secretary at Rwandan embassy in South Africa, Pascal Kanyandekwe’s name was synonymous with intimidation and assassinations until the South African government expelled him from their soil in 2015 after cancelling his diplomatic immunity. The South African authority had intercepted information which pointed Pascal Kanyandekwe as the kingpin in all assassination attempts against Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa and played a pivotal role in the assassination of Col Patrick Karegeya.

According to my credible source within state house – Village Urugwiro, once Pascal Kanyandekwe was in Rwanda, on top of a house gift, the junta government had to give him what to do as a token of thank you for his intelligence coordination performance while working at the Rwandan embassy in South Africa.

This source notes, Pascal Kanyandekwe arrived in Rwanda at the time criminal Paul Kagame was creating a business company for his son – Ivan Cyomoro Kagame. This source questioned my previous post where I noted that the company which Pascal Kanyandekwe managed was owned by Gen James Kabarebe. To this source, the company by the names of VVIP car rental is 100% owned by Ivan Cyomoro and Pascal Kanyandekwe was appointed as a CEO to run this business owned by Rwanda’s first son (prince Ivan Cyomoro as enslaved Rwandans refer him).

Those who don’t know VVIP car rental, the company which we have now established that it’s 100% owned by Ivan Cyomoro Kagame, has the transport monopoly for all sorts of conferences in Rwanda. The company is contracted by government to provide executive vehicles for visiting dignitaries and any other foreign visitor that comes to Rwanda for working assignment(s) with the junta regime. The company owns various top of the range executive cars, including executive mini vans and buses.

According to this source, while looking for someone to manage this company owned by Ivan Cyomoro Kagame. Gen Dan Munyuza suggested to criminal Paul Kagame to appoint Pascal Kanyandekwe as it’s CEO. The source notes that, “it’s Gen Dan Munyuza who introduced properly Pascal Kanyandekwe to president Paul Kagame.” From it’s initial start, DMI agent Pascal Kanyandekwe managed this business until caught in a dubious deal.

Last year, criminal Paul Kagame told oppressed and enslaved Rwandans that his aiming to make Kigali the hub of conferences. With this endeavour, criminal Paul Kagame and his family are the sole beneficiaries, because they own the transport, hotels and catering services which are critical in this business master-plan. For any conference that is organised in Rwanda, criminal Paul Kagame the businessman goes to the banks laughing.

The Dubious deals of Pascal Kanyandekwe and his mentor Gen Dan Munyuza.

All Rwandans know that Crystal ventures, a business consortium which monopolise Rwanda’s business economy is 100% owned by Criminal Paul Kagame. Early July 2018, Crystal Ventures’ various construction companies gave a business tender to first son Ivan Cyomoro Kagame through his company VVIP to supply bitumen. For those who don’t know bitumen, these are materials used for road surfacing and roofing. These are black viscous mixture of hydrocarbons obtained naturally or as a residue from petroleum distillation.

However, Crystal Ventures gave VVIP company several contacts of suppliers based in Dubai. Pascal Kanyandekwe after seeing the size of the deal thought he could make side profits (njahulo) out of this deal without his boss – Ivan Cyomoro Kagame who lives in USA or his father – criminal Paul Kagame knowing.

In mid July, Pascal Kanyandekwe travelled to Dubai for business feasibility and comparing prices between bitumen suppliers in Dubai. While in Dubai, he received a better offer of 20% less than what was expected within the markets in Dubai and other gulf countries. The deal was with an Iranian representative based in Dubai.

After negotiations, the greedy assassin, returned back to Rwanda to make financial transactions to the supplier. Pascal Kanyandekwe instructed Bank of Kigali to make the financial transactions. Of recently, BNR (Bank Of Rwanda) monitors any large financial transactions from financial institutions in Rwanda to Iran. In this case, the National Bank called to inform BK that they are not allowed to make such a transaction especially to an Iranian company based in Iran, reminding BK of the USA sanctions and implications with those who trade with Iran based companies.

BNR summoned senior BK officials for clarification, these BK officials told BNR regulators that the money has to be approved for transaction because the client is a VIP ( VVIP company/Ivan Cyomoro Kagame). The panicking senior BNR officials forwarded the file to criminal Paul Kagame for his personal approval.

A shocked Paul Kagame wouldn’t believe to find out that a person who runs the company of his son had made business deals with companies based in Iran without considering the implications of US sanctions if caught. And the main purpose of business dealings was to defraud his son – Ivan Cyomoro Kagame.

A worried Paul Kagame, instructed the chief of DMI, col Andrew Nyamvumba and the head of Rwanda Investigation Bureau, Col. Ruhunga Jeannot to carry out deep investigation on the business operations of VVIP car rental.

After thorough investigation and checking through the books of the company, these two Kagamist blue eyed boys returned with a damning report pinning Pascal Kanyandekwe for financial impropriety and swindling profit margins of the company.

During this investigation, they also discovered that one of Rwanda’s top intelligence enforcer – Gen Dan Munyuza was also making enormous cash through VVIP car rental. Pascal Kanyandekwe had made a secret business deal with his mentor, Gen Dan Munyuza.

Due to enormous number of clientele and monopoly in the rental business through government initiatives; than ordering the purchase of extra executive cars, Pascal Kanyandekwe decided to tell his mentor Gen Dan Munyuza about a window to make cash out of the first son’s company. Dan Munyuza through his relatives, bought several executive cars which were included in VVIP car rental.

When criminal Paul Kagame was informed of this finding, that one of his notorious chief security enforcer was silently making profits out of a company established for his son. He totally went berserk with an anger.

Without forgetting, this has been the second time that Gen Dan Munyuza has been caught by his boss while making business dealings behind his back and dealing with people that are close to his boss – criminal Paul Kagame. As the head of criminal Paul Kagame’s external intelligence, Gen Dan Munyuza was suspended from the army in January 2012, for being involved in shady business dealings in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC),

According to the source, after being slapped, kicked and spat at by his boss – criminal Paul Kagame, Gen Dan Munyuza was put under house arrest on 31 August 2018 for a weekend. The source goes further to say that, “Dan Munyuza is still breathing because president Paul Kagame still needs him, especially now that his under enormous pressure with various threats. Kagame also needs Dan to continue managing intelligence networks that Dan has personally built over the years.” The source continued to note that, “President Kagame is a master of timing, once Dan’s usefulness is no longer needed, he won’t know what hit him. He is a graveyard candidate.”

For Pascal Kanyandekwe, criminal Paul Kagame ordered his security chiefs to throw him at Nyarugenge prison for indefinite lock up.

Criminal Paul Kagame