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Paul Kagame of Rwanda has warned, he can be accused of having helped the war crimes
The Bureau Chief American war crimes has warned the leaders of Rwanda, whose president Paul Kagame, they could face prosecution at the international criminal tribunal for the groups responsible for atrocities in the Democratic Republic of the congo weaponry.
Stephen Rapp, who runs the us bureau of the global criminal justice, said at the guardian the rwandan direction may be open to accusations of “Complicity” crimes against humanity in a neighbouring country – similar actions to those for which former president Liberia, Charles Taylor, was imprisoned for 50 years by an international tribunal in may.
The warning of rapp due to a United Nations report damning on the recent rwandan military support for M23, a rebel group who drove hundreds of thousands of people from their homes since April as he entered the territory of the DRC.
The group is LED by Bosco Ntaganda, known under the name of Terminator, who has been indicted by the international criminal court, there are six years for war crimes, including the forced recruitment of child soldiers. The report of the United Nations accused Rwanda of shielding ntaganda to justice.
On Saturday, Washington has said that he would put an end to a certain military aid in Rwanda after the report of the United Nations.
The freezing of the aid and public intervention of rapp mark an important change abandonment of the support of the United States once solid for kagame, who has been rooted in inaction persistent international guilt during the genocide of 1994. Rwandan Tutsi
Rapp, who has already served as chief prosecutor of the genocide tribunal for Rwanda and later hired the continuation of Taylor on his crimes as president of Liberia to support the rebels in Sierra Leone neighbor, the said support rwandans to m23 And other armed groups ” must stop ” because he ” maintains anarchy and at the end of the day allows the permanent commission of atrocities “.
“There’s a line that we can cross under international law where you can be held responsible for helping a group in a way that makes it possible their commission of atrocities”, he said.
” Charles Taylor has never set foot in Sierra Leone, and has helped and encouraged, and has been found guilty of aiding and abetting, the revolutionary united front with the assistance that was important, and the judges have said, without which the Ruf couldn’t have committed atrocities to the extent where they’re not committing them. Because of this evidence, Charles Taylor was convicted and sentenced to 50 years “.
Rapp said the evidence by the panel of support of the rwandan government to m23 and other armed groups, including the shipment of weapons and troops in drc of the United Nations, Briefing Kagame and other senior officials of the investigation for crimes Of War.
“at this point, I’m not sure if we’re here in terms of criminal behaviour”, he said. ” but if this kind of thing has continued and the groups that were armed have committed crimes… then I think you would have a situation where the people who helped them through the border could be held criminally responsible.”
The report of the United Nations, by a group of experts appointed by the security council, said that he had “found substantial evidence attesting of support of rwandan officials to the armed groups operating in the east of the drc”, including the Expedition of weapons and money to m23 in violation of a un arms embargo and other sanctions.
” since the early stages of its creation, the group has documented a systematic pattern of military and political support provided to the m23 rebellion by the rwandan authorities,” he said.
The report indicates that the rwandan government gave “direct assistance to the creation of the m23 by the transport of weapons and soldiers across the rwandan territory”, and has recruited young rwandan, EX-combatants demobilized and congolese refugees in As long as combatants m23.
It also offers evidence of ” Rwandan Defence Forces (Rdf) direct interventions on the congolese territory to strengthen m23″ and ” support to several other armed groups “.
” operational units rdf are periodically reinforce the m23 on the field of battle against the congolese army,” he said.
Many members of the m23 have once served in another militia supported by Rwanda, the National Congress for the defence of the people (Cndp), who was responsible, with other militias for atrocities for several years, including killings and ethnic Mass Rapes. Ntaganda was the military commander cndp.
The experts accuse Rwanda of shielding ntaganda against prosecution by the ICC for crimes of war.
” the rwandan authorities insisted on impunity for their groups and mutineers armed allies, including the ex-Cndp General Bosco ntaganda,” they said.
Earlier this week, kagame has denounced the west of the role of Rwanda in the drc and blamed the continuation of the conflict on foreign powers who “don’t listen”, as well as the constant threat of extremist forces anti-Tutsi, LED by The Hutus responsible for 1994 genocide.
“this problem has not been caused by Rwanda and it has not been encouraged by Rwanda”, said kagame. ” in fact, the problem of the drc has come from the outside. It has been created by the international community, our partners, because they do not listen to us… and at the end they really doesn’t provide a solution. They never cease to create problems for us. We better know our problems, we know better about the problems of the region. “
Kagame has also denied armament m23.
” the international community has said that Rwanda is helping the rebels, but helping them with what, and for what reason? They say that we provide to them ammo, but these people get weapon s’ from the congolese army. The ammunition they have is their armories congolese,” he said. ” we do not provide even a single bullet, we don’t have and we will not do this.”
Kagame has rejected the accusations that Rwanda is a shielding ntaganda of the ICC. He said that he said to the government of the Democratic Republic of the congo he should deal with the general renegade, but warned that the arrest of ntaganda would only create more conflict.
” after that, the members of the international community have developed an idea that if Rwanda can’t help them to stop someone in another country, then they put us together with those they want to stop, and this is really the Way he turned out to be,” he said.
The leaders of Rwanda has faced accusations of the United Nations before, but the last report was exposed to the unusual public criticism of Washington.
” we have a lot of influence with the people of Rwanda. We have been very favourable to them. We are ready to speak frankly as we denied in the past, and now publicly “, said rapp.
” M23 has been reinforced by Rwanda, and this must stop. And this is the message that we deliver.”
The United States and great Britain have long been accused of shielding kagame of the criticism on the support of Rwanda for the armed groups in the drc and his looting minerals there.
Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister, was among the strongest supporters of the president of Rwanda, the renting as a “Visionary Leader” for the reconstruction and the economic development of his country after the genocide.
The invasion of Rwanda of what was then zaire in 1996 to erase the refugee camps with armed groups responsible for the genocide two years earlier was quietly supported by Washington and London, who has not contested a second invasion two Years later and the attempt of kigali to create an administration proxydans east of the drc using armed groups faithful.
But the strong public support of kagame has increased more and more difficult to defend, given the magnitude of the suffering in the drc, with hundreds of thousands murdered and millions dying of diseases and malnutrition caused by the conflict, and countless Women raped, often repeatedly.
Earlier reports of the united nations have accused the forces of kagame of war crimes, including genocide, possibly in the DRC. Others have criticized the character of increasingly authoritarian rule of the rwandan president, including the prohibition of the political opposition.

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