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We call “Rwandan model,” a system that would be installed in any other country in the world that would have the characteristics of the installed regime in Rwanda since 1994. The installation of such a system must be done under certain conditions, for the case of Rwanda, were all met in 1994. once installed, what we call “Rwandan political suburban model” in this sense the need to integrate all its contours, is characterized by certain aspects which, in classic models, were considered negative if not downright immoral, but for the perpetuation of the “peri-Rwandan model” should be promoted to encourage political ideals.

The conditions for the installation of a “Rwandan suburban model” in a given country

These conditions are also cynical in their design as brutal in their implementation:

The “Rwandan model” must be installed in one country after its total destruction. This may be deliberately induced or encouraged as soon as it appears on the horizon;
The model must find a strong founder act on which to to find some legitimacy but especially to enjoy impunity. This act can be fabricated and imposed on opinion or so by seeking to misrepresent the historical facts by sticking their qualifiers in this direction, for example by describing the ethnic massacres “genocide”.
Entrust local management model to a small marginal group without any popular support that, therefore, finds himself in a country with a power he could not even dream of and that will always remain indebted and dependent on the powers that the created and promoted.

The main features of the “Rwandan model”

A dictatorship by the standards generally accepted in political science;
A regime that can not be criticized either in the press or in international institutions, but rather that delights are sycophants by paying them handsomely;
A scheme for which even international agencies are quick to lie or falsify statistics when to defend;

This model is characterized first by the political illegitimacy of those in power. This is usually a clique of adventurers or marginal social group on the political map of the country, but in all cases, a group that could never claim the seizure of power in this country by democratic means were it not for its promotion by the superpowers.

Then the “peri-Rwandan model” is characterized by an excessive militarization of the country where it is established. In fact, the marginal group chosen by the superpowers and must consider, rightly, as “an army with a country” than as “a country with an army,” as is the classical political theory. If within this group (minority and inevitably will) all the number of persons able to bear arms would prove insufficient to quadrier and submit the country, the use of mercenaries would be in order with the help and expertise of superpowers.

Governance in a country where the “Rwandan model” has been installed is provided by a “world government” acting under the cover of a visible government formed by the clique promoted by the superpowers. This “World Government”, a concept still in testing but hopes to take off thanks to the case of Rwanda, is composed of former political leaders, top managers of the industry and global finance, tycoons international press … but who all are animated by the same project: to rule the world by way of the people and especially the classic principles of politics and diplomacy that prevailed in the twentieth century.

Thus values such as democracy, human rights, freedom of speech, independence of justice, social justice … are rejected and replaced in this country become a commercial enterprise belonging to shareholders by profit, enlarge the gap between haves who must win every day and the poor who must continue to be exploited. Of mechanisms to silence any criticism to the model, the cult of personality to the CEO appointed by the major shareholders (multinational major powers) and this company is called addition, for form ” Head of state “.

Implementation of the “Rwandan model” in Rwanda itself and the entire region

For Rwanda, martyr country to serve as a laboratory for the “Rwandan model,” it was difficult to fulfill certain conditions as mentioned above. It took almost four years for Rwanda was completely destroyed in order to install this model.

Since October 1, 1990, the Ugandan army dropped its original elements on the Tutsi Rwanda. These will be effective to hasten the implementation of this model. These Tutsi soldiers commanded at the time by the Chief of Military Intelligence of the Ugandan Army, a … Paul Kagame will be particularly inhumane. They killed all before them at the crossing of the border between Uganda and Rwanda. When in 1993 they managed to occupy a small part of the border Byumba prefecture with Uganda, the world was stunned that nearly a million Hutu peasants were driven off their land and came piling into the outskirts of Kigali. Those who had not had a chance to flee were simply exterminated by Tutsi soldiers of the Ugandan regular army commanded by Paul Kagame. He had to work, received the superpowers, to establish a model in Rwanda that was to be spread throughout Africa.

To fulfill the condition that should allow the marginal clique, especially cruel and hated the people of Rwanda to uphold a certain legitimacy and especially enjoy legal impunity for his crimes, it was necessary that the sponsors of Paul Kagame make him commit the irreparable namely the assassination of Hutu president Juvenal Habyarimana to provoke the anger of Hutus, which would be called “genocide against the Tutsi.” April 6, 1994, Paul Kagame not only to get shot down Rwandan Hutu President Juvenal Habyarimana, but it also killed the Hutu president of Burundi Cyprien Ntaryamira. So he had to get rid of three Hutu president in less than six months apart but in the end he had to get his “genocide.” He launched an offensive on all fronts, benefiting US military intelligence (aerial photo, captured communications …) and supported this time openly by troops from neighboring countries such as Tanzania, Burundi, Ethiopia, and s … ‘seized in the country in July 1994, claiming he had to “stop genocide”! Since then the world swear by this deception and former Kampala street boy who had joined the maquis Museveni in 1983 to escape police raids aimed vagrants is currently presented to the world as a “visionary, exceptional man, a higher than normal intelligence etc … “then he has been created and is only there to implement a governance model designed by the superpowers and which he knows the ins and outs.

The current Rwandan regime perfectly fulfills the prerequisites of “peri-Rwandan regime” as conceived no superpowers. The Tutsi clique came from Uganda was first militarized the country. All Tutsi age to bear arms is military or was. It is obvious. But as this ultra-minority clique that has captured the machinery of power can not occupy all positions, she resorts to foreign rather than risk giving strategic positions to Hutu unsafe. In this regard, it is the USA and Great Britain offering executives often appoint a dual or triple nationality whose last they would defend to the death is Rwandan. For junior executives in the security services, “Munyamulenge” Congolese, a Somali, a Ugandan munyankole, a Tutsi Burundians, a Tanzanian muha …, all these come before a Rwandan perceived as “Hutu” or “Twa” because according to the initiators of the “Rwandan model,” these foreigners would be safer because, they believe, closer to the Tutsi clique came to Uganda as the rest of the Rwandan population! Curiously Paul Kagame seems to believe or is forced to believe.

For the superpowers, the “Rwandan model” painstakingly built from 1994 in an area called “Rwanda”, which for them is only a “cluster” or cluster of 26 338 km², the world government that directs is officially called “Presidential Council Advisery” (PAC). This is in fact the Board of Directors (CA) of this commercial enterprise that became Rwanda. This includes CA politicians as controversial as Tony Blair or Bernard Kouchner, magnates of industry and finance as Warren Buffet, Kaia Miller or Sorros, new billionaires generated by new technologies such as Bill Gates or Michael Fairbank, the administrators shady foundations to cover mafia operations around the world as the “Clinton Foundation”, researchers and theorists of the new global economy as Michael Porter or televangelists gurus become billionaires and media stars like Joe Ritchie. They imposed Paul Kagame as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director of this commercial company called Rwanda. Those who are presented as ministers of a government of a sovereign state of Rwanda are but “collaborators” of the head of the business enterprise. That’s why this acts as a “Rwandan government” is never criticized for its violations of human rights, its locking democratic space to prevent any democratic demand to be heard, his scorn and enslavement of population. These concerns and requirements are not on the roadmap for those tasked to transform what was a sovereign country in an economic area (cluster) to deal with a global commercial enterprise that it is important not to talk about moral standards in political terms.

The “misfortune” of Burundi

Rwanda and Burundi are often called “twin central Africa.” Indeed, these two small countries share almost all the same language Kinyarwanda or Kirundi called depending on whether one is north or south of Akanyaru, making river border; the same ethnic composition of the population and in the same proportion (85% Hutu, 14% Tutsi and 1% Twa) before that in Rwanda there is a rebalancing undertaken since 1994 by the only possible leverage: reduce the majority by physical elimination. “Empty one was filled with a bottle cap” as promised by Paul Kagame after 1994; the same colonial past first as a German colony before moving to Belgian rule after the defeat of Germany in 1918; domination of Tutsi feudal monarchies fostered and encouraged by the supervisory authority to maintain the majority Hutu servitude; recovery on the same date, July 1, 1962, independence.

But the similarity ends there. At independence, Rwanda became a democratic republic in which the Hutu majority held until then bonded by the Tutsi feudalism came to power. While in Burundi, the country became sovereign under a Tutsi monarchy. The Tutsi monarchy was overthrown November 28, 1966 by young Tutsi officers even more extreme than their feudal peers. To guard the Rwandan contagion, ie a probable takeover by the Hutu majority, recurrent pogroms took place in Burundi in which thousands of Hutu perished .This was the case in 1965, 1968, 1972, this year there , took the appearance of a genocide because no less than 300,000 Hutu “educated” were massacred by the Tutsi army.

In 1993, against all odds, a Hutu president named Melchior Ndadaye was democratically elected. This was considered in the Tutsi community as a provocation and a humiliation. And just three months after his inauguration, is October 22, 1993, he came out of his palace and humiliated Mess officer and killed by Tutsi soldiers in the grounds of the General Staff of the army, an army that it must be remembered, was mono ethnic Tutsi. It will follow the massacres throughout the country and especially in the capital Bujumbura. Hutu youth mainly Hutu students from the University of Burundi who were targeted by the killings then took to the hills and started a civil war that lasted 10 years. Finally, a peace agreement was signed guaranteeing in particular the entry of Hutu in the security services (army and police) in a proportion of 50%, which was hitherto unimaginable. The rebels were then integrated into the regular army.

After a transition period, in 2005, the leader of the Hutu rebel Pierre Nkurunziza was elected by the Assembly as president, another is unimaginable some years ago. In 2010, it will for the first time elected by universal suffrage for a term of five years renewable once. Meanwhile, in neighboring Rwanda, a clique of Tutsi came from Uganda had taken power in July 1994. He later proved that this clique led by Paul Kagame was an instrument of the powers that had decided to try in Africa a model of domination of peoples is not based on political considerations or principles of international law, but only based on the principles of the global economy, which consider classics States as “economic centers” and principles democratic as obstacles to profit. In short the “Rwandan model.”

The Burundian democratic regime from the negotiations to end the civil war started in 1995 and legitimized by successive elections according to the Constitution adopted after the transition period, is an against-model “Rwandan model” that the superpowers agreed to extend to all the region. Logically, for the superpowers, we must first overthrow the Burundian model against hope to install the “Rwandan model.”

And to make things easier, it is in Burundi, certain personalities (as Hutu Tutsi) are presented in front of the Western world as politicians but no popular base and therefore having no luck to power democratically. These personalities have tasted power during the transition dream only to prevail in Burundi perpetual transition period that would combine the power without elections. Since 2010, individuals refuse to go to elections and but require a transitional regime … but to what? The superpowers who must implement the “Rwandan model” in the area noticed them and use them for good escients.

This explains the eagerness of the proponents of the “Rwandan model” against the Burundian model against which we are witnessing since 2015. Consider:

The European Union, known as its position in the Burundi is dictated by MEP and former Development Commissioner Louis Michel, is first in line for the overthrow of the Burundian democratic regime. The powerful lobby of Louis Michel was quick to suspend aid from the European Union for Burundi in refocusing them towards pharmacies that finance radical opponents folded in Brussels under the symbol CNARED of waiting to go take power Bujumbura.
The African Union (AU) has been exploited by the European Union which provides 3/4 of its operating budget to be involved in the overthrow of the Burundian democratic regime and install a “Rwandan model.” Thus the AU Commission on the proposal of the Commissioner for peace and security of this organization, known as a Western agent, had, in December 2015, decided in secret to send a force of 5,000 men Burundi. Had it not been the vigilance of African Heads of State, Burundi would be, since December 2015, occupied by a force decided by the EU and the AU covered with a mission to overthrow the democratic institutions of this country to the installation of a “Rwandan model” in this country.
The United Nations (UN) suddenly cared about peace and security in this country after an indifference over 30 years. Indeed one wonders how the United Nations which, since Burundi’s independence in 1962, has always disinterested in the situation in Burundi, either recent years as feverish about the situation in that country. But we must recognize that the sudden interest in the Burundi is not motivated by a concern for the peace and security of Burundians. Indeed since 1962, date of its independence, Burundi has been the scene of ethnic massacres carried out by the Tutsi army in 1965, 1968, 1972, 1988 and 1993. But during this long period of Tutsi domination characterized by massacres sometimes genocidal (1972 and 1993), the

Security Council took only TWO resolutions related to the situation in Burundi. Ironically after the advent of democracy in 2005, the same Security Council has taken no less than SIXTEEN resolutions. And only for the period from 2015 to 2016, the same Security Council has just THREE resolutions stigmatizing all qualified democratic regime “Hutu”.
The international press is a major player in the installation of the “Rwandan model” in Burundi, did not fail in its mission. RFI and did not seek further. All radical opponents folded in Europe or in Rwanda as long as they can speak to u microphone to assail the regime, are presented by RFI as “correspondents” or “specialists from Burundi.” RFI pushes it further to undermine the work of mediator and facilitator in the Burundi dialogue by publishing the views of radical opponents as the only valid to the chagrin of Heads of State that drive this initiative. Examples: RFI headlined the second round of the Arusha talks (12-13 August 2016) was a failure before the final communiqué of the facilitator. Other French media as France 24, do not hesitate to throw outrageous when it comes to load incorrectly democratic government of Burundi that it would be replaced by a “Rwandan model” diffusion of false documents , giving voice to criminals wanted by the justice of their country as Pacifique Nininahazwe or Gratien Rukindikiza etc …
While in Belgium, where the majority of those who should assist in the installation in Burundi the ‘Rwandan model, “it is the” future masters of Burundi “(they are presented as such in Western chancelleries) when this country will reduced “Rwandan model” and the puppet that will serve them popular bail entitled to speak.

The Africans dilemma facing the “Rwandan model”

Africans, especially the political leaders or aspiring, are caught by the attraction to the “Rwandan model” exerted on them very people who designed and decided to implement this model. All media, all financial institutions (controlled by the same media) leaves to traffic statistics, boast the “Rwandan model.” It is therefore tempting for many of these African leaders

Hopefully this model applies them home. What they should know is that the current state of things, they have no choice or if they have, it is agonizing. Indeed, the superpowers have concluded that the current status, countries have no other choice between: the “Chaos” or “the” Rwandan model. ” According to them, Africans should not live in stable democratic regimes. It should be created a chaotic political situation as is the case in the Middle East and North Africa, which arranges tremendously multinationals should not go through strong governments to exploit the country. Or live in a “Rwandan model” when the state institution is replaced by a commercial institution that monopolizes all the attributes of a state without being one. Africans have therefore no choice between “States subject to political chaos” or states reduced to economic areas (cluster) managed by multinationals (Rwandan model).

Traps and manipulation of African political leaders:

The traps to African leaders are numerous and are scattered all their courses. The international press controlled by the inventors of the “Rwandan model” continues to dangle the “benefits” of this model. Those pre french square which would take a bit of freedom will fall by “realpolitik” which means that France is involved in this exploitation of Africa (Rwanda chaos or model) that the superpowers (including France) that are called to implement these models are in perfect harmony. Only the timing, geography, and the pace of events for the provocation of chaos or the installation of a “Rwandan model” in any country, may seem contradictory in relation to these powers but only in appearance .

The interest for the superpowers to promote in Africa the “Rwandan model” is obvious. By transforming the former sovereign states in “economic zones” (cluster) controlled by their multinationals, these superpowers break the myth of sovereign States are in principle on the same footing that in terms of international law. Local actors, in the conventional system, are considered “heads of state” and treated as such, become “Directors delegates” who manage their economic spaces, as Paul Kagame is the CEO of “Rwanda Inc”. Therefore, these superpowers are freed from moral constraints such as respect for human rights, democracy, fair justice … because these principles are not due to a commercial enterprise that became a subject to the state “model Rwanda “.

When and how to end “the Rwandan model”?

a probable failure or end one can only imagine the “Rwandan model” without first thoroughly analyze its essence, ie its “DNA”. For little that s’ y devotes one realizes that his end is inscribed in his genes.

Social injustice, the glaring inequalities, promoted by moral principles, the arrogance of the ruling clique in fact officials of multinationals who bought Rwanda, .. all this can only lead to a social explosion.
The frustration of many intellectuals who continue to attend a commodification of society and away from the political thing can make them aware that Rwanda deserves better queKagame refugees being sold to the wild capitalist world;
The clique, who has been given the mission to make Rwanda a “cluster” in the hands of companies superpower, also received the tasks can become impossible to accomplish, which would cause rejection. The mission of exporting the “Rwandan model” in the region can be a mission impossible to CEO Paul Kagame, even with the assurance of its creators. The “boomerang” effect of his attempts to export abroad model would be catastrophic that even its creators disown it and illico would drop. So all frustrated and leave-for account (Rwandans or Africans) take their revenge.

So, in all cases, eradication of the “Rwandan model” will be violent. It is with interest that we should follow the first attempt to export the “Rwandan model.” This is going to Burundi and General Paul Kagame has received all the latitude on the part of the superpowers who created and mandated. It remains to see how the “General Imponderable” will also rehabilitate his own plans.

Criminal Paul Kagame