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An expert of burundi has warned against the use “incorrect” of certain pesticides in the culture of the tomato across the country.
It’s about dithane m45 and ridomil, pesticides against diseases “Leaf” which affect the fields of tomatoes and sometimes the cultures of potatoes.
Peasants Burundians have taken a bad habit of using these pesticides on tomatoes already harvested, located in the baskets and ready to be passed in the market, said Mr. Evariste Nkubaye, specialist in entomology at the institute of agricultural sciences of Burundi (Isabu), in an interview on Saturday at xinhua.
” this practice is to ban, because, where the shoe pinches, the spraying of tomatoes already harvested with pesticides dithane and ridomil by peasants farmers is made in Burundi, not complying with the waiting period of 15 days before Separating the last treatment in the fields and the harvest-consumption of tomatoes “, did he pointed out.
According to the expert, the overspray from these pesticides on tomatoes already harvested “before they don’t disintegrate” presents for potential consumers the risk of food poisoning, either acute or chronic.
He explained that by acute poisoning, people who consume tomatoes sprayed with these pesticides after harvesting expose themselves probably to death.
” what is more serious here, it’s that pesticides dithane and ridomil are products easily soluble in water, which means that if we wash the tomato sprayed with plain water, the yellowish powder on the tomato disappears Without the organic ingredient located on that is destroyed. This means that the product in question keeps entirely his capacity to do harm “, did he stressed.
For their part, in the various markets located in the town hall of bujumbura, farmers defend themselves, claiming that the spraying of tomatoes after harvest aims to prevent these, once not sold quickly, don’t rot quickly.
In their eyes, the skin tomatoes sprayed hardens, which allows a good conservation.
According to Mr. Nkubaye, use “Errornée” of these pesticides is raised by the experts for more than five years in burundi.
Among the tracks of solutions, Mr. Nkubaye pleaded for actions upstream as a preventive measure, especially in the form of training “intensive” Farmers via a coordinated by the agricultural instructors.
The meetings to raise awareness of the place of farmers, did he added, should focus on the dangers of an incorrect use of pesticides.
Mr. Nkubaye has also advised consumers to “wash the tomato with soapy water”, to reduce the risk of food poisoning.

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