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A year after the protests denouncing the re-election of President Pierre Nkurunziza, opponents of the regime and close to multiply the regulations of accounts, as in mugamba in the south of the country.
A sort of peace emerges from the fresh air of pastures and fields of tea with eucalyptus, as if nothing ever happened to mugamba, in any case it’s nothing serious. Has nyagasasa, one of the six hills where are dispersed the 50 000 inhabitants of the commune, old people, eyes gnawed off by cataracts, watching their cows graze in silence. They’re wearing long leather coats eliminated. Women waiting for a car pass at the edge of the unique asphalt road, boys fill of coal burlap bags straped by herbs. Clouds of dust brunette drown the trail that crosses what looks like a city centre, where only liven up the bureau communal and a factory of tea. “here, we’re not doing that work”, said the head of the hill. When we ask what happened to nyagasasa there are a few weeks, the old watch their cows, women on the road, the boys their coal and the chief smiles. A man wearing a suit, hat, Beige Corduroy and denim shirt suddenly said he had “seen it all”. then means of his staff, the bush where two men were hiding, June 8, around noon, and where, A few hours later, two bodies “well dressed” have been discovered on both sides of the trail. One in a floor of purple flowers, next to a field of bamboos, the other among the branches of a tree, along a pen, a bullet in the head each.
That were came here to do Jean-Baptiste Mbonihankuye and egide nahimana, chauffeur and employee of bank of bujumbura, the capital, located at more than 80 miles? The Official Version is simple: gone in search of a man who owed them money, they would have been the victims of his accomplices “felony”. a settlement of accounts that wouldn’t have anything to do with the emergence of a motley armed opposition , born after the repression of the demonstrations in several districts of bujumbura against the maintenance in the power of the president of the Republic, Pierre Nkurunziza, in Spring 2015 (read release from 1 June 2015).
This is unfortunately not the first time that the quiet of mugamba is broken by gunfire. Since a year ago, the ambushes are multiplying in the commune, locked from police officers, military personnel and agents of the documentation, the information of Burundi. In November and then in January, long clashes took place between patrols and an armed group. The second attack was claimed by the red-Tabbara (resistance to the rule of law), one of the two main opposition movements were born in 2015. Attacks took place in the neighbouring municipalities of matana, gisozi, burambi and bururi . Has mugamba, violence has now taken the form of targeted killings: at least 15 deaths since March, especially members of the National Council for the defense of democracy-forces for the defense of democracy (Cndd-FDD), the party Of Pierre Nkurunziza.
Informal Dungeons
The situation is such that, the 1st of June, perched on a truck surrounded by heavily armed men, the president of the republic came in person to call the people to denounce his “brothers”, giving these last fifteen days for Surrender. “we are ready to use the same methods that in the province of bujumbura rural in 2010”, warned Pierre Nkurunziza, referring to the bloody repression of the last burundian rebels, the National Liberation Forces, at the beginning of his Second term.
“these are simple bandits”, repeat the chief of police, sitting in his precinct devoid of electricity where if stack a paperwork done by hand. Never recognize that the attacks are the work of a rebel group in training: this is the strategy of the regime, which argues that the country is in peace and refuses so all dialogue with the opposition or any international intervention. Ringing like a provocation one week after the presidential visit, the assassination of Jean-Baptiste Mbonihankuye and egide nahimana shows the opposite an execution carefully carried out in broad daylight. Both lived kamenge, a district north of bujumbura and bastion of imbonerakure, the youth of the cndd-Fdd, which for a year ready hand-strong to the police. ” everybody got scared when they arrived. They tried to all households to find out who lived there, tells of a young man. Families have called for help. Then, armed men in military uniform arrived, they were surrounded and killed them. Everyone knows that Jean-Baptiste Mbonihankuye and egide nahimana were looking for: the commander January and the other protesters.”
In the spring of 2015, prosper arakaza, said “January”, led the crowd who showed mugamba against the third presidential term. The commune made exception: more than a month of gatherings, so that the rural provinces, in the majority, remained silent in the face of the mobilization of several districts of the capital. Mugamba was not spared by the repression. On 25 may 2015, innocent gahiro, a student of the hill kivumu, was killed by a bullet from the police. On 29 July, the police announced the death of an “armed robber” in the commune. It was the commander January. His uncle and his neighbor had been arrested in may; his name appeared on a list of wanted persons made public by the police in June.
Difficult to recognise the arrests which took place in mugamba, where, as elsewhere in Burundi, the informal dungeons are multiplying at the same time that the disappearances. “all the young people of mugamba are in danger, because we have all shown”, judge a pupil of minooka community high, home of the dispute, where some students denounce their comrades against remuneration and where others are recruiting for the rebellion. Others still haven’t come in progress or have managed to leave the country. The cars of the documentation sometimes await at the exit. The Director of the establishment, considered too LAX, has been replaced.
According to a police officer, “the situation is terrible, because the people support the rebellion”. they are now many to lead a life of half underground. Families are accused of preventing the opponents of the arrival of the police, the bikers of the move, restorers of the feed. This tacit support is not without history in the “South”, region of military power tutsi for thirty years, from which most of the intellectuals, political cadres and officers before the civil war (1993-2006). What give An air of contrast to the repression of mugamba by the current state apparatus, largely composed of ex-combatants hutus cndd-Fdd; what also stoke fears of a return to the volkstum in an area that has historically been populated of tutsis.
End of the ultimatum
How much are they to have taken the maquis? A dozen according to the police, several hundred according to c. And H., 22 and 23 years, who have left the school to join “the fighters” after the protests. “for the moment we hide, but we will fight till the end”, they say, the look too childish that determined. They are now living with friends or “in the forest”, where the habitat is too dispersed to control everything. Their name? ” those who no longer have a house because of Pierre nkurunziza.”
Scattered among the hills, these are the boys barely out of adolescence that lead this little war mobile made of skirmishes, attacking the patrols to stone-throwing, sharing kalashnikovs recovered here and there, forming in weapons from former military And singing in their path that Pierre Nkurunziza’s a ” Raven “. sometimes hosting some young people of bujumbura and say receive some weapons of the red-Tabbara, considering that ” whosoever will rid the burundi’s Pierre Nkurunziza’s welcome “, without having lent Allegiance to no leader. “we’re not attacking, we are defending”, insist c. And H. Leaving to bring down those who inform the police or are preparing to do so, as these heads of hill, this servant and this hairdresser eliminated these last few months. Or as Jean-Baptiste Mbonihankuye and egide nahimana, the two deaths of nyagasasa: ” we, too, like the imbonerakure, we are doing our law.”
The Chef de zone has no office, occupied by the police, the military and intelligence agents came as reinforcements to the approach of the end of the ultimatum who commands the opponents to surrender. More and more young people are changing their house in order to escape the major operation of repression, which has quietly place day by day. In this situation who is neither really really full of war and peace, ” all those who have expressed are taken for rebels, said another student. If you’re alone or at home or at school, it is necessary to take a gun “. before departing of mugamba, Pierre Nkurunziza had told the people: ” tell them they’re gonna lose everything.”

Criminal Paul Kagame