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* 10 deadly habits that are harmful to your kidneys *
* our kidneys are super important for our health.*
They filter out the blood, produce hormones, absorb the minerals, flush out toxins, and neutralize the acid. Your kidneys being one of the most important organs of your body, they deserve a little bit of love.
The damage or the constant decline of your kidneys can often go unnoticed for years because your kidneys can operate with only 20 % of their capacity. It is for this reason that we call often the renal diseases ” silent diseases. ” this is why it is so important to take care of them before it is too late.
? * here is a list of 10 common habits that puts a lot of pressure on your kidneys and can cause serious damage over time.*
* 1. Do not drink enough water *
The most important function of your kidneys is to filter the blood and eliminate toxins and waste. When you don’t drink enough water during the day, the toxins and waste are beginning to accumulate and can cause serious damage to your body.
* 2. Too much salt in the diet *
Your body needs sodium or salt to function properly. However, most people consume too much salt which can raise blood pressure and put a lot of pressure on the kidneys. We should not consume more than five grams of salt per day.
* 3. often delay the call of nature *
Most people are unaware of the need to go because they are too busy or want to avoid public restrooms. Hold urine on a regular basis increases the pressure of urine and can cause kidney disease, kidney stones, and incontinence. So, listen to your body when there’s the call of nature.
* 4. Get rid of the habit of sugar *
Scientific studies show that people who consume 2 or more sugary drinks per day are more likely to have protein in their urine. Having protein in the urine is an early sign that your kidneys are not working properly.
_ deadly habits that are harmful to your kidneys _
* 5. Deficiencies in vitamins and minerals *
Have a healthy and balanced diet with fruits and fresh vegetables is important for your overall health and a good kidney function. Many deficiencies may increase the risk of kidney stones or kidney failure. Vitamin B6 and magnesium, for example, are very important to reduce the risk of kidney stones.
* 6. Too much animal protein *
Overconsumption of protein, especially red meat, increases the metabolic load on your kidneys. So more protein in your diet means that your kidneys have to work more and this can lead to kidney damage or to a malfunction in the course of time.
* 7. The lack of sleep *
We all have already heard how important it is to have a good night’s rest. The chronic lack of sleep is linked to many diseases and kidney diseases are also part of the list. During the night your body repairs damaged kidney tissue, then give your body time to heal and to repair itself.
* 8. The habit of coffee *
Just like the salt, caffeine can raise blood pressure and put extra pressure on your kidneys. Over time, the excessive consumption of coffee can damage your kidneys.
* 9. The abuse of life *
Too many people take painkillers for their little aches, so that there are many remedies effective 100 % natural which are available. Excessive use or misuse of painkillers can severely damage the liver and kidneys.
* 10. Alcohol consumption *
Although there is nothing wrong with enjoying a glass of wine or a beer from time to time, most people don’t stop at just one drink. Alcohol is in fact a legal toxin that puts a lot of pressure on the kidneys and liver.
To stay healthy and avoid the kidney problems, it is important to eat a lot of fresh food, whole and if you keep the above information in mind and that you avoid these common habits as far as possible, your kidneys will not be Subjected to a constant pressure and your body will thank you.

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