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The most shocking is this apparent indifference of the authorities. “

Carina Tertsakian responsible for the programme burundi to human rights watch.
Carina Tertsakian, responsible for the program to burundi hrw reacts on the kidnapping of our colleague and believes that the police should do his job.
What analysis are you doing two weeks after the disappearance of Jean Bigirimana?
Hrw is gravely concerned about the disappearance of this young journalist, Jean Bigirimana. It’s been two weeks since no one has heard from her. What’s become of him? Why this silence? If we blame him for something, we translate it in justice and that we will present him in a court of law, in accordance with the law burundi. If we don’t don’t blame him for anything, we’re releasing him immediately.
We are particularly concerned because this isn’t the first disappearance in burundi. Far from it.
A lot of other people have disappeared without a trace. Some are probably dead, but since all this is happening in secret, there’s no confirmation. This is what is the most painful for the families and their friends. For example, since December 2015, no new Marie-Claudette Kwizera, the treasurer of the association of human rights iteka. And other cases that have succeeded one another afterwards. The most shocking is this lack of reaction, this apparent indifference of the authorities.
How do you judge the behaviour of the police?
The police have denied any knowledge of this case and said that John is not in the hands of the police. It may be true, but where is he then? Some sources claim that he could have been abducted by the intelligence service. Is it that the police has investigated? It’s his duty to do so and follow all tracks carefully until we find jean bigirimana. A simple denial, it’s not enough. That the police to do his work and that we put an end to this silence, this anguish.
What do you wear on the tweets of willy nyamitwe, chief of the communication of president nkurunziza?
I found them worrying. When he says he’s starting to fear the worst, when he implies that opposition groups could be responsible for this loss, we have the impression that the authorities are preparing the ground for a possible information reports of the death of Jean Bigirimana. I hope I’m wrong and that this reading is not the right one. Because at the same time, he says he’s holding out hope that jean is still alive and that the culprits will be known and arrested. I share this hope. That the burundian authorities act fast and enlighten us quickly on his fate. I would like to appeal to Mr Nyamitwe: Jean is your former colleague, a journalist like you, do what you can to enlighten us on his fate.

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