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A young girl of 22 years ago, at the back of the school has been picked up by a man of about 45 years. Kind of man that we commonly call “Grotto” for the girls of her age.
The man after tight his car against the girl, he opened his window smoke and said to the young girl that she was very beautiful and she reminded him of his child who unfortunately is no longer of this world.
Then the man reached out to the young girl an envelope containing a sum of 200.000 GB and told him that it’s a gift in memory of her daughter.
The young girl didn’t come back but the man insisted and she took the envelope and thank him very much. The addresses were exchanged.
Arrived at the house, the young girl told the story to his mom who else was very happy and so she asked her daughter to recall the gentleman to thank him and take this opportunity to ask him a sum of 1.000.000 CFA Franc and Say to the gentleman that this would be used to pay a surgical operation of a brother.
The young girl didn’t want to follow the advice of his mother, but this last the convinces that in life, it is necessary to seize his chance.
The young girl took an appointment with the gentleman who showed him the address of a hotel. Once together, the little girl asked the 1.000.000. Cfa Franc to the man. The gentleman opened his controller, and came out a sum of approximately 5.000.000 of the cfa franc well attached in a heap of 500.000 GB each and placed 1.000.000 on the table ” this is for you my daughter. I’m giving it to you because of my late daughter that I love “
The man took off his clothes and went to the act with the girl who else had not resisted a single second.
Once the love made, the man responsible for the 4.000.000 remaining that he put then on the table and said to the girl that all of this could be for her if only she agreed that it “Defecates on his back,” the young girl looked at the Money so much that after 5 minutes of silence she allowed herself to do.
The man made his needs on his back.
The girl between rapidly in the dirty bathroom, took the soap and took a shower properly.
When she came out of the shower she lives neither the man nor the money on the table. She dressed herself quickly and came down to ask the hosts if by chance his sir was gone and if he had left a commission, but no one has seen the gentleman down.
The girl wrote her number but it was inaccessible. She went away but she noticed that she always smelt the smell of poo.
Outside she called quickly a motorbike taxi. The driver of the taxi bike was holding his nose with his hand and asked the girl to see under his shoe if she ever didn’t pick up garbage on the road. The young girl looked beneath his shoe but nothing.
“you smell very very bad” said the driver.
Arrived at the house she rushed into the shower and finished all know who’s were there, she used the bleach, perfumes but the smell was more and more nauseating. His body has begun by decompose and when we touch, the skins stood out. The little vermin out of everywhere on his body. After a quarter of an hour all are body had broken down and she died.
The Mother cried and cried but it was too late.
Life is hard my brother, my sister, mom, dad. And the money is good but the devil is cunning.
It’s going worse than this! So let’s be vigilant and pray a lot

Criminal Paul Kagame