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Unemployment among graduates is a sad reality in province ‪‎mwaro‬ (more than 1.000 Unemployed graduates according to the provincial director of education)
Mwaro, 6 June (ABP) – a graduate d6 of the hill mago in common kayokwe, Mwaro Province (Centre-West of Burundi), Being Unemployed for nearly five years, said he was tired by the situation that she lives today and request to the government and private sector to create jobs for young graduates are able to leave the street.
The Provincial Director of education (Epe) in mwaro, Mr. Salathiel ntakamurenga indicated that this province currently has more than 1.000 Unemployed graduates. Today, following the difficulties experienced by our country, there are no more recruits who are at the primary level, except in cases of replacements of those who are retired or cases of death, did he qualified it Mr Ntakamurenga recommends that these graduates to spend each year in the local municipal offices of education to register because, did he say, in the case of places available, we recruits from this annual census, starting with the most Former among these unemployed.
The test of recruitment has become another gauge to see to what degree the unemployment among young people is a major challenge for the country. The following may be the case for the award of a test of recruitment of communal social animators in the centre of family and community development (Cdfc), With two positions to fill, one for gisozi and another for rusaka.
According to the head of the cdfc mwaro, Ms. Sylvie Ndikuriyo, 21 cases have been filed and an ad-HOC committee has selected 13 candidates after the pre-selection, taking into account the criteria laid down, and they are the ones who have passed the test this Friday, June 3, 2016.
This responsible for the cdfc, who regrets that the number of unemployed is high so that we will only consider only two, advises to these young people do not grow weary and to continue to apply.

Criminal Paul Kagame