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Burundi is currently home to more than 6500 Asbl (associations
Not-for-profit) approved and coordnnées by the ministry of the interior and training, a patriotic
Revealed on Thursday at bujumbura, Mr. Therence Ntahiraja, spokesman of the ministry.
Mr. Ntahiraja clarified that the supervision of the activities of these numerous asbl turns out to be a
Arduous task especially during elections during which some of them
Can “divert” of their original mandates, by behaving like politicians.
Day to day, did he added, the ministry of the interior shall ensure that these asbl comply with the statutes
For which they have been approved in the various disciplines, noting in particular sectors
Economic, social and cultural rights.
The Ministry of interior, did he illustrated, encourages, for example the focode (Forum for the
Concorde and development) to comply with its statutes for which it has subscribed by inciting the population
For development activities, without waiting for the hand of the outside. On the other hand, this has not been the case
In 2015 for this non-profit organisation, has he ever said.
According to ntahiraja, the problem of functioning of the asbl is first inherent defects
Where the shoe pinches, did he pointed out, is that most of the initiators of the asbl tend to create
These non-governmental organizations (Ngos) with an objective “hidden” to promote their own
Interests and not those of the people who are members.
Obviously, did he explained, the intention behind the creation of most asbl in Burundi,
Is not the one to serve the population, but to obtain the means of survival.
” some people have made the creation of a non-profit a way of life for the search of
Seek funding from foreign countries “, Did he said.
He lambasted the manner in which operate certain asbl in the claiming of operating as
However, he welcomed however some asbl models who respect the commitments
For which they have been approved. He cited for example a non-profit organisation called “Green Belt” founded
By Ambassador Albert Mbonerane, whose doings on a daily basis, are consistent with its mission
Fundamental to promote the protection of the environment in burundi.
The Ministry of interior, did he recommended, encourages other asbl to draw inspiration from it as
Model in their functioning on a daily basis.

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