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Open letter of a citizen of Rwanda

1. The majority of the people of Rwanda shouts loud and clear the dictatorial power, bloodthirsty, tyrannical and oligarchic rpf (Rwandan Patriotic Front) Inkotanyi in Rwanda. The evidence to the naked eye: of arbitrary assassinations of opponents are numerous, kidnapping and imprisonment of any person, married not the ideology of the rpf, ideology that refers only to the maintenance of power for life by the clique tutsi rpf to the head Paul Kagame. The elections are rigged and the population vote by terrorism, the last election of the referendum on 18/12/2015 is proof of that.
2. The power of the rpf inkotanyi has been enriched by the diversion of National Heritage, the mass popular and especially an ethnic hutu is exploited in all areas of life in the country on behalf of the party-State the rpf inkotanyi, while Cheating on the international community that it is the development of the country. It’s the clique rpf who holds the entire economy of Rwanda.
3. Arbitrary arrests in mass are multiplying in these last days, a lot of rwandans are imprisoned in prisons die non-official present in each district where the torture and inhuman treatment are frequent until death (Amabagiro Y ‘ Abahutu). The examples in support: in locality uger, sector gitoki, Gatsibo District, Eastern Province; in rwamagana district, province is, carrefour roads rwamagana-Kigali and gishari-Kigali, near the training centre of the police and rice (industry Rice). The power of kigali covers these arrests speaking of hunting vagrants / offenders (Inzererezi). The survivors from these secret prisons become mental handicaps and / or physical. With regard to these informal prisons under the direction of the DMI (Directorate military intergence), we also think the recruitment planned throughout the country to fuel the battle in burundi and drcongo or pagan rituals to offer offerings at the end of the Year, or simply in the plan of the rpf to exterminate the hutus. And this census of demobilized soldiers below the age of 40 and their families? The workouts of burundian refugees, officers and men of troops?
4. Rwandans have the great fear to express their thoughts following the terrorism of the rpf, which is why I raise my voice to ask for your intervention.
Rwandan to mobilize to hunt for the power of Paul Kagame and his cronies.
International organizations to contribute to the establishment of democracy in Rwanda: The United Nations, the security council of the United Nations, the African Union, sadc, the icglr, the international humanitarian organizations (human rights watch, AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL,…) , natural or legal person.
Ntabwoba Peter
Kigali Rwanda

Criminal Paul Kagame