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Rwanda’s MILITARY: The Most Unpatriotic Army That The World Has Ever Known.

Why would anyone call them brave? Where are they when Kagame is murdering innocent citizens? Where are they when Kagame is embezzling all public funds? Where are they when Kagame is butchering the nation’s constitution? If they can’t protect the citizens and the constitution, what else are they here to protect? Are they too ignorant to tell right from wrong? Too ignorant to tell patriotic acts from unpatriotic acts? Who among these top officers has risked his or her life trying to save Rwanda from evil Kagame? And “risk” means “risk”. Risk taking does not mean picking up and run away in face of danger. That is called desertion in their “military” world – correct? Yet Kagame is humiliating them every day. One by one. Kagame ABUSES them whenever he pleases. Kagame actually takes pleasure in abusing them. Why? Because he can. Because they let him. Because they are readily available to be abused. They are ones who fuel Kagame’s, thirst for human rights abuses, his unquenchable thirst for blood of the Rwandan people… and their neighbors. Their total and unconditional submission fuels Kagame’s fearlessness as an addicted serial killer. Who doesn’t see this?

Each one of these officers who calls themselves RPF comrade has been on Kagame’s hot seat or torture chamber at one point or another, not for fault, but clearly because of Kagame’s arrogance.

Who among these top officers ignores that he will be next? Among those who call themselves RPF comrades who fought alongside Kagame in the bushes — who is feeling safe today? Actually, how many of those “comrades” are in good terms with Kagame today? Tell me who – among these so-called comrades was brave enough to TAKE A BULLET trying to protect Rwanda from Kagame’s criminal acts.

Rwanda’s army today is made up of the least brave men and women in uniform the world has ever known. Thanks to their uselessness, Rwanda is doomed to fail. Just watch.

These guys are so lazy that they will even miss all the right signals. Even if the US swore to god that it will never defend Kagame when he gets in trouble, even if the rest of the world turned against Kagame — I doubt guys like Kabarebe would dare to point a finger to Kagame’s face. He’s scared to death. Sadly, this is what they have all been reduced to. They are fearful day and night. They are scared little people who look up to Kagame is if he is their father when they are 5 years old. That is how they have been acting over the past 20 years.

What shame!

Criminal Paul Kagame