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Paul Kagame
In summary: Kagame converts to Islam, more pressure mounts on his domestic and regional behavior
In the recent concluded RPF Retreat commonly known as UMUSHYIKIRANO President Kagame confessed to his party members that he has run out of ideas. “If what I have said pleases or does not please anyone Alhamdulillah”
There were several reasons for why President Kagame turns to Islam from his ancestral traditional Christianity.
Kagame who owns a home in qatar and spends more time flying to the Arabic nations, Kagame is now more close to the Arab nations than the western countries. Indeed he decided to shed the faith he was born into and adopt a new one because of the pressure within his ruling party (RPF) that has seen all its Historicals butchered, banished, incarcerated or politically incapacitated.
His mother’s untimely death put several psychological pressures on President Kagame because many insiders believe his mother always gave him some spiritual advice on how to prolong his rule.
His spiritual-minded mother could call President Kagame at night in the late hours and tell him how their ancestors had predicted the long stay on the throne by their clan. It could be this loneliness that has confused President Kagame to seek sanctuary in Islam.
Again the undiplomatic interference in Burundi domestic affairs and personal attack on his Counterpart Pierre Nkurunziza has added salt to an injury. Rwandan President Paul Kagame has increasingly accused Burundi’s leaders of carrying out “massacres”. In contrast, it’s President Kagame who has either killed or incarcerated his opponents, the likes of Deo Mushayid, Victoire Ingabire, and even his Comrades like Gen. FranK Rusagara and Col. Tom Byabagamba are now rotting in jail.
He has assassinated his former personal Dr. Kasakure and former financial life line in the RPF struggle and immediately after Genocide Mr. Assinapol Rwigara. Why is he pointing a finger on President Nkurunziza when he is worse than him? While Pierre Nkurunziza is not a saint either, but President Kagame has no moral authority to criticize or give an advice on the human rights in another country.
“People die every day, corpses litter the streets… How can the leaders allow their population to be massacred from morning to night?” Kagame said, speaking in Kinyarwanda recently. Kagame further urges Burundi to learn from Rwanda genocide but on the contrary Kagame has always increased the tension both in Rwanda and in Burundi. Kagame said the violence in Burundi reminded him “a little” of the horrors of 1994.
“They (Burundi) should learn from what happened here,” Kagame said.
Kagame also sharply criticized his counterpart Nkurunziza, an evangelical pastor who believe he rules by “divine” will, but who he said is now rarely seen and “hides” while Burundi is in crisis.
“Burundi’s leaders pride themselves on being men of God, some are even pastors,” Kagame said. “But what God do they believe? Is there somewhere in the Bible where leaders are called on to massacre their people?”
The Rwandan capital Kigali has become a springboard for many opposition and civil society activists — as well as dissidents from Nkurunziza’s ruling party. The government of Burundi and international human rights organization has overwhelming evidence that goes a step further, claiming that rebel forces — set up by mutinous soldiers after a failed coup in May — are in Kigali enjoying Rwandan support.
But Kagame said Burundi was responsible for its problems.
“It is the Burundians themselves who are responsible for their situation,” he said, warning of “bad leaders who harm their people.” However, it’s on the record that Kagame has always and remains a factor in the neighboring countries with personal and economic benefits as both Congo and Burundi burns. Will ISLAM reform Paul to work harmoniously with his neighbors? It remains to be seen.
Angel Uwera

Criminal Paul Kagame