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The government denounces certain ‪‎country‬ and ‪‎media‬ seeking to impose the war in burundi‬.
In a statement released on Thursday, 17 March 2016, the ministry of the interior and training patriotic pays tribute to all the personalities who have visited Burundi To Enquire About the real situation prevailing in the country. By the same occasion, the minister pascal barandagiye is railing against the countries which have arrogated to themselves the right to fuel the war in Burundi. He asked in the same statement that a complaint may be filed against the Rwandan President Paul Kagame so that it can be explained on its actions against Burundi.
According to always this communiqué, the ministry of the interior denounces some foreign media and the leaders of some churches who spread the slander on the leaders of Burundi.
He said it was not true, in this release against any person who is pushing the government of Burundi to sit at the round the same table with those who have tried to overthrow the institutions by force. He asked rather to the country hosting of handing them over to the government of Burundi so that they may be judged for their actions.
Pascal Barandagiye reiterates through this release the commitment of the government of Burundi to pursue an inclusive dialogue inter-Burundi in the goal of reconciling the people of Burundi and strengthening democracy and development.
He asked finally at the United Nations to plead for Burundi for the countries that have imposed sanctions considered unjust can lift them.

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