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It all started with the Catholics bishops and priests, their remains are still
lying in unmarked graves , yet they were respectable diocese bishops and parish priests. Ibingira who killed them was immediately promoted to the rank of General, thats Kagame for you.
Since then, the catholic church in Rwanda, has never been the is simply compromised. Imagine a bishop who can,t raise a voice over the death of his fellow bishops!!! that is how kagame works,he killed those whom he thought were going to be a hindrance to his mass killing plans, those bishops were real shepherds,they were willing to die with their ships.shame on these so called bishops who can,t even organise a befitting burial ceremony for their brothers , for the fear of being victimised by Kagame. shame on you!, yet every sunday you standing at the alter reading Matthew 10:28 to your congregates , shame on you!!
The so called pentecostal church, i won,t even mention it.they can fall for any thing pretending that they being led by the spirit, what a shame!!!!!, i know being one, i will be attacked by certain individuals, please spare me, if you don,t know what i,m talking about , take a keen interest in what is going on in my country Rwanda , and see how the pastors have been reduced to nothing but Kagame,s cadres where he kills and after killing he goes to church to tell people to even kill more and they shouldn,t fill ashamed about it, the same pastors claps for him, shame on you pastor Rutayisire and your team!!!
Basically, Kagame has hijacked the church and all these church leaders have accepted to be his slaves, shame on you!!! and then tomorrow you stand before the congregation telling the congregates that you are no longer slaves because Jesus saved you, shame on you, you are all Kagame,s slaves.
The Muslims now are the ones who are in, he is killing and kidnapping them.
are the Muslims going to declare a Jihad war? Muslims are not cowards like these other religions i have mentioned above, but my advice to these brothers of mine, please as you may think of revenging for your brothers who are being killed in cold blood, don,t cause any destruction, you know the culprits, simply go for them and deal wit hem without shading any innocent blood and public property.
Ask Musa Fazil why he is so quiet when your Imam has been killed in such a gruesome manner and ask him where your missing brothers are!
i,m waiting to see this tooth for tooth policy, how you are going to execute it.
don,t be cowards guys, but go for those who are directly involved, you know them and those who are sending them. go and ask them why they slaughtering you like animals.
tooth for tooth!! let us see!!!
for us christians, the revenge belongs to the Lord, i wonder when will that be??? how I wish it was today, or at least tomorrow.
Umutaniganwa ijambo,
Jeanne Mukamurenzi

Criminal Paul Kagame