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The former Vice-President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Jean-Pierre Bemba, during the opening of his trial for subordination of witnesses on 29 September 2015 at the ICC. (photo icc)” The Case between the prosecutor to Jean-Pierre Bemba is a strictly judicial, in the same way as all the other stuff that we know before the icc “, Said Patrick Tshibuyi, responsible for raising awareness of the office outside of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in Kinshasa. He is the guest of radio okapi. The ICC must give its verdict on 21 March in the framework of the procèsle prosecutor against Jean-Pierre Bemba, concerning the crimes allegedly committed his former soldiers in China between 2002 and 2003.” Until such time as we speak, no one at the level of the international criminal court, nor the attorney general, or the president of the ICC even less lawyers of Jean Pierre Bemba, there is that the three judges of the ICC who know what Is the decision which will be made on 21 March “, Done Know Patrick Tshibuyi. He insists on the non-political character of this trial. ” there is no political interest, no hand low by the ICC in that specific folder. Judges are independent and do not receive any injunction of the government, of the general assembly of the United Nations, even of the presidency of the icc “, Make sure he does. Patrick Tshibuyi responded to questions of jeef ngoy.

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