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Mkapa in visit to Burundi, no announcement of a date for the resumption of dialogue
Benjamin Mkapa newly appointed facilitator in the burundi crisis at the side of President Yoweri Museveni in visit to burundi this Thursday, 17 March 2016, indicated that no date of resumption of dialogue is announced for the moment.
This former President of Tanzania met for more than 1 HOUR WITH PRESIDENT PIERRE NKURUNZIZA. In The Press Conference after this interview, mkapa said that he came to immerse himself in the situation in Burundi, and thus be able to fulfil its new mandate of facilitator.
On his side the burundian president said that the facilitator is here to see the level reached in the process of internal dialogue.
” we have submitted to the facilitator the situation on the ground, without forgetting to mention the interference of Rwanda in the burundi crisis. We have evidence of this interference and that we’ll even present at the international level for that to be taken into account to the resumption of dialogue. We presented the report of the National Commission of inter-burundian dialogue and we are prepared to what the dialogue to be extended to those who are outside the respecting the resolution number 2248 ” adds president nkurunziza.
The Facilitator made this visit to burundi after being passed by the Uganda and Rwanda where he met with the presidents museveni and kagame.

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