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You’re my shepherd, o my God, that grace and happiness, accompany us throughout our lives.
That our friends, our enemies and ourselves, be covered by your Holy Spirit for a better world.
Spirit of divine intelligence
Spirit of wisdom
Spirit of discernment
Spirit of science
Spirit of piete
Spirit of council and strength
Spirit of fear of God
To the rescue of the entire humanity to free us fishing, evil spirits, we deliver and protect us.
Give us free from all evil.
Make us strong in the praise of your name.
That all the upsetting find out how much you’re good, you’re the resurrection and the life,
That you’re the way, the truth, the light, Amen.
I offer you all those who hunger and thirst for justice, all the blind, the visually impaired, children, young people.
I’m offering you all isolated, the unloved, the divorced and those who love each other for that grace and happiness accompany us.
That France, blessed, and that the great lakes region is filled of grace and holiness.

Criminal Paul Kagame