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“until the lions will not have their own history, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter” – Chinua Achebe.
The prophecy of the great Nigerian writer who left us there are three years was this southern scarred by colonization, grappling with modernity and globalization. But his news weighs more in burundi in the light of the political crisis in the country since last year.
Several studies have pointed to the situation of misery, interrogation, the wall of desperation facing many young burundians, without jobs, without the prospect of “get out”, And that nourish the violence and ideological extremism.
There are social causes and historical to this situation. Since the independence of Burundi, the country has rarely been a visionary leadership to lead in parallel development programmes and social changes necessary to ensure that all burundians have access.
As elsewhere in Africa, the burundian society remained mired in a social hiérarchisme bulky, in which young people and women are spectators of social change. This marginalisation by enshrining the “adult male” was added to other discrimination, ethnic, regional.
Yet, as most of the countries in sub-Saharan African, Burundi is a nation mainly young, and feminine. More than 71 per cent of the burundian population has less than 35 years, and more than half of burundians are female (Isteebu). This young population has need of opportunities, space of expression and recreation, but also of models that talking to him in a socio-economic context.
Unfortunately, the burundian media landscape is dominated by the policy and Thematic Annexes (Security, cooperation, etc.). In fact, as evidenced by the study immar on the media (2014), The media content disseminated in burundi is often perceived as ideological, away from the concerns first and Terra-to-Earth of the majority of the population, young, and specifically of women.
Many attempts have been made to address this gap, as the diversification of the headings in the written press digital or paper (Iwacu, akeza), But also radio specifically designed for young people / women. But as these productions are drowned in editorial guidelines with a strong emphasis on the political news, their scope dilutes strongly. Among young people, only remain programmes ludo-educational.
Adds to this context media the little attention that appear to be submitted to the government to social expectations of youth, the emphasis being increased much more on the political and security issues in the country.
This general context thus creates a need for a medium which is specifically aimed at young people of Burundi.
By Creating this magazine, sacodé, with the help of burundian journalists of career, proposes to launch a true platform media who undertakes, in general, to train, educate and entertain the young and women of Burundi.
If the burundi wants to get rid of violence generated and maintained through the youth as we saw in 2015, it must be that young people take the story of their dreams, and their sweating.
Their cries would be better understood.
Roland Rugero,
Project Coordinator Jimbere (Sacodé)

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