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Noko tongo che in tolamuka na mpongui (14/02/2016): Flash!!! Flash!!! Azarias ruberwa acknowledged to be rwandan tutsi and announces the chaos in the CONGO DRC!
Tango Ekoki: “popular uprising sikoyo”, Miyibis na ntango ya mobutu bazuaka luck, kasi ya mbala oyo ba traitors corrupt ya ba rwandans, bakozala hung up with their mentors, rwandans na bridge gabu “Noko Prof. Tongo etaniAzarias ruberwa finally acknowledged that it is tutsi, except he indicates that in the Congo there’s a tutsi tribe who is there for the cutting of 1857. However, it has renounced the concept which was to say that there would be at CONGO DRC a tribe banya mulenge.

Progress! His remarks on this subject are misleading and nature to sow confusion (the natural force of tutsi). According to azarias the tutsi, the CONGO DRC IS COMPOSED OF 4 peoples among which we count the bantu, semi-Bantu, nilotic and pygmy.

This gap of rwandans to seek to deceive the public about the tribes of the congo and even more on the subject of their belonging to the congolese nation is simply pathetic!

Nevertheless, azarias ruberwa, the spiritual guidance of Joseph Kabila gives the exact time of what will be the next day of December 2016 at the CONGO DRC. According to his testimony at the 21th minute, if we are not going to dialogue, Joseph Kabila will remain president, the congo will enter a phase of chaos similar to that of burundi… As a result of this, he thinks that all the world will come the (Kabila and the tutsi power) beg for they organize the dialogue.

It’s a way of saying, it is better to give him an extension negotiated now rather than let him to stay in power by force against the stoneware of Congolese.

His message is clear and does not require interpretations.

The Congolese people must understand that it is necessary to use the force now to leave Joseph Kabila leaves that we organize between us congolese dialogue to get out of the crisis, and put a transitional government in place that will be in charge of organizing the elections in a Record time.

You have to ask who was really azarias ruberwa before may 1997. is what he was known in the Congo? Lived there it?

You will not come to say that you have not been informed. The Tutsi are working their plan for a long time and put us to the deadline before the fait accompli!!!
These is love asi asali there aye share! The time is now – the time is now!

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