Once Upon a time in Rwanda ,there was this flamboyant Playboy called Yujye aka Eugene Gasana-sometimes known as Kinyonteri or in the intelligence services, Papa Ian. The playboy was so playful that he would play Paul Kagame on a string like a YoYo. However, Yujye’s playful career begun in Germany were he had sought refuge.We won’t go into the deep history of Eugene Gasana as its not the main purpose of this story.

We did try to contact Yujye, but he ignored us-as it was in his interest to listen to what we had to say, but those that know the playboy, he lives in his own bubble.

However, our Pepping Tom had some Hot intel on Paul Kagame’s Palace, but we never wanted to go public without verifying the information in that Intel report.

It wasn’t news to us, that Eugene Gasana was fucking Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame, but he was also fucking Ange Kagame. Now this  shocked us…we first thought that our Peeping Tom was trying to blackmail us for a pay rise. We know its shocking..and some people might dismiss it as rubbish. We don’t write stuff without verification; you remember when we exposed Jeannette Nyiramongi’s colourful sex life. But conservative Banyarwanda dismissed it as some malicious story meant to tarnish Pilato’s(Paul Kagame’s) image.

In-fact, some Banyarwanda bombarded us with weird messages scribbled with cow gee(Amavuta Y’inka) and Cow dung(Amabyi Y’inka)..TUZABAROGA…TUZABAROGA …TUZABAROGA X 100 times. TUZABAROGA…TUZABAROGA…TUZABAROGA X 1000000!! (TUZABAROGA meaning to bewitch one). Now, that never scared us, but instead we felt sorry for the people sending such disturbing messages.

We always get lots of Intel about Kagame’s Palace, but sometimes we just seat on it. Just a few months back, we received another Intel on Afande Kaboro aka James Kabarebe, fucking Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame. We still have doubts about that Intel as some dates don’t add up.

Ange Kagame

Getting Back to Eugene Gasana fucking Ange Kagame, the details will be in our future series.  Next time we shall bring you the photo media journey of Rwanda’s Playboy of all times. You’ll also see Ange Kagame’s Nude Photos and of course Nyiramongi’s Yoga Video.

Joram Jojo