It seems, Dictator Paul Kagame’s cancer is getting very serious, and giving him sleepless nights. At night, he makes funny noises, like that of a cat that has been locked out. We’re very likely to start seeing him wearing a hat. Of late, his voice has also changed….very dejected and a broken man.
Paul Kagame's cancerWhat is very interesting, the dictator knows he won’t be around for that long, and that’s why you see him hobnobbing religious leaders…talking of going to heaven without owing a debt to anyone…etc.
However, it doesn’t mean that his criminality activities have stopped. A wounded Pilato can be very dangerous to society. Go and ask what he did to the people that introduced crack cocaine to his son(Name withheld).
The way Criminal Paul Kagame’s mindset works, he has already appointed his successor, and it’s very likely an immediate family member.
What I wish for Rwanda, is an orderly transfer of power, as every Tom, Dick, and Harry wants to be the president of Rwanda.
Joram Jojo