Its never easy to do your internship in an autocratic system, especially when Dictator Paul Kagame’s boots are on the necks of Rwandans. Our internship means spending time with the aging dictator, long-in-the-tooth, stone-hearted cheerleaders, cadres, henchmen and bottom feeders at the trough of the corrupt Machine. Thus, it is a government of thugs, for thugs, by thugs. If you want, we can call it a dictatorship of thugs.Rwandans

Apart from your work (slaving) being unnoticed by a thieving and greedy clique- suffering from supremacy, you’re also surrounded by paranoid people. Thus, Paul Kagame has sacrificed untold numbers of families in Rwanda by spreading paranoia, and hogwash lies have been used to maintain his game of corruption and greed. Today, the people of Rwanda are under the thumbs and boots of a thug dictatorship.RwandansThe Rwandan Regime is a criminal Mafia-style organization that has committed untold crimes against Rwandans and humanity.


The vast majority of Rwandans are victims of Paul Kagame’s tyranny and corruption . Stigmatising the ordinary people of Rwanda with the crimes of Paul Kagame is unfair and unjust. Given an opportunity to keep or get rid of Paul Kagame, there is no question the people of Rwanda would dump Paul Kagame in the trash heap of history.

Criminal Paul Kagame is careening unstoppably towards the trash bin of history. There is no question whatsoever the Dictator will fall, and fall hard. That time is at hand.

A reactionary group is orbiting around RPF godfather “Pilato” Paul Kagame and underbosses James Kabarebe, Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame and their ilk are scheming to take full control of Rwanda. RwandansIt is about whether the Criminal outfit will live in peace with each other and the rest of their Rwanda brothers and sisters…. their future development and progress.

The internal Autocracy struggle is between those who want to live peacefully with their Rwanda brothers and sisters and those who want to maintain their power by creating conflict between the people of Rwanda and the rest of the great lakes region.

There is no question that the vast majority of the RPF members, want to live harmoniously and in peace with their other Rwandan brothers and sisters.

The bonds of family, marriage, culture and tradition between the people of Rwanda and the rest of the region is unbreakable.

Joram Jojo